Be a Tourist at Home!

I have lived in Bay Roberts for most of my life and it wasn’t until I had kids that I really took notice of what our community had to offer.   Bay Roberts has a population of approximately 6000 people and is known as a service centre on the Baccalieu Trail but Bay Roberts offers so much more!

Did you know Bay Roberts runs approximately seven kilometres east from the beginning of Water Street in the town? Unless you look at a map, most people never realize, just enjoy the many services along the Conception Bay Highway which runs through the community.  So if you are ever in the area, turn off the highway and enjoy some of my favorite places that I love to go with family and friends.CC Picture1 Shoreline Walk

The Shoreline Heritage trail located on the tip of the Bay Robert’s Peninsula, is a beautiful six kilometre coastal walk.  Summer after summer my friends and family have enjoyed the hike, having picnics, taking pictures and exploring the many cliffs, coves and beaches.  During the hike you may be lucky enough to see whales following capelin and other fish into the bay. Along the trail you can take in three spectacular views of Conception Bay and learn about the early settlements in Bay Roberts.CC Picture 2


Mad Rockcc Picture3, with breathtaking views of Conception Bay, is a popular spot during summer months. My favorite time to visit is during a proper Atlantic storm.  As the waves crash explosively unto the shore you understand then how it gets its name “Mad Rock”.  While at Mad Rock you’ll see the Three Sisters, three vertical, narrow rock formations in the ocean close to the pebbled beach.  This is a very popular site for taking wedding, graduation and family pictures.  June of each year during capelin season thousands of capelin wash ashore.  When my kids were younger they loved to use their dip nets to catch capelin and roast them on a campfire on the Picture4




The Veteran’s Key Marina and Klondyke Causeway are located right in the heart of the town.  During the summer months it is bustling with activity from boats at the marina to, parades, fireworks and festivals taking place there.  Before the construction of the Klondyke in 1897, goods and passengers had to be ferried from Water Street in Bay Roberts to Coley’s Point. During construction, local families were paid to carry rock and gravel to the site using only hand barrels, horse and sleigh and by hand.

cc Picture9

The Cable Building is a National Historic Site of Canada as well as a Provincial Heritage Structure. In 1913 a state of the art cable cc Picture12station was constructed by the Western Union Telegraph Company as a repeater site for their Transatlantic cables going from England to New York. During World War II it was a strategic communication centre and was guarded by the Newfoundland Constabulary and certain groups from the Canadian Army. The security was, in part, due to one of the cables carried a private line between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Today it houses the Town municipal offices, a “Road to Yesterday” museum and the Christopher Pratt Art Gallery. I’ve had my kids there many times over the years.  I believe in order to know who you are you need to know where you came from.  Although my roots are in Upper Island Cove, my husband Scott’s family has lived in Bay Roberts for generations.

These are just a few of my favorite places in the community to explore and enjoy throughout the year. So if you ever find yourself on the Baccalieu Trail, be sure to drop by the Bay Roberts Visitor’s Pavilion on Veteran’s Memorial Highway to obtain all the information you need to enjoy all the places, festivals and events that Bay Roberts has to offer!

ColetteCrosbie-DSC_0022-MOD-SoftColette Crosbie NLOWE Business Start-up Advisor, Eastern

Colette Crosbie is NLOWE’s Business Start-up Advisor for the Eastern Region.
Colette loves to snowmobile with her family; the scenery is spectacular and a good “boil-up” always makes the trip.  If you live in the Eastern region and you are interested in contacting Colette regarding starting your business, please contact her at 1.866.786.6408 or by email:





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