The Accidental Leader

Have you ever been in this situation?

Your boss is asking you to get a series of things done. You are then transferring that information to your direct reports but they’re failing to complete the projects in the way that you need them to be done so that you are a success. Sometimes you just feel like your hands are tied and you don’t know what to do differently. You just don’t get it – you’re good with people but you just can’t seem to get these people to do what you need them to do.

Well it’s possible you are what we call, an Accidental Leader. That means that you are a person who has gone through great education, you’ve had great business experience and you’re a technical expert in your area of expertise. You’ve done such a great job for the company that they’ve promoted you to a managerial position, while failing to give you any leadership skills.

It’s a different task to be able to manage people. It is very different from the expertise that you’ve been trained on. And that becomes the stuck point – both for you and a stuck point for your followers as they want to perform as well! Most importantly, that will become a stuck point for the company because if companies don’t invest in their leaders they will have that perpetual problem of Accidental Leaders as the company grows.  Leaders without the skills on how to lead.

If you feel like you’re in that position, help is on the way! All you need to do is raise your hand and say to your boss that you need new skills. You need to be a confident and competent leader and you need to learn how to do that because it’s a new skill set that you don’t know yet.

If you do that – your company will be successful, you will be successful and your followers will follow suit. Imagine what that would feel like!

Renee Headshot 2015 webRenée Safrata is the founder and owner of VIVO team, a web based platform that analyzes team productivity, identifies areas for improvement and provides targeted team-training solutions for performance improvement based on the 6 key performance indicators for highly functioning teams.


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