Exploration on Foot – Physically Fit and Balanced

Some call it hiking or trekking, or backpacking, I just call it by what it is “walking in nature” (highly paid consultants call it Nature Therapy) and I have been very fortunate to walk many of the trails throughout including many in the central and eastern regions. Why do I feel the need to walk? Like many of you when you feel physically strong, you feel more mentally sharp; capable of handling the challenges that cause everyday stress and a much cheaper alternative to “therapy”. Walking can be done anytime, anywhere and anytime of day.  There are literally no excuses just the ones you justify to yourself. I just lace up my well worn sneakers (and my heels on occasion) and hit the trails as often as possible. I don’t have any serious “hiking gear,” unless you consider my walkman (yes I still call it a walkman) as equipment. My son Nick who just turned 17 is very familiar with his mother’s passion (need) for the outdoors and very often was my walking partner especially in his early years (when there was little choice). We have logged many miles on the trails and the railway beds in the rain, snow and heat. Every Mother’s Day since my son’s birth my gift has always been a family ‘walk”; and what gifts they have been. From The Centre Hill in Sunnyside, Trinity Bay to The Lookout Trail to the Pinware Provincial Park in Labrador and many points in between, my family and I have been on the move.

Have I sold you yet on the benefits of getting outside? Here are my top five reasons why you should walk, or ok you can use a little more glamorous term “take a hike” whenever you get the chance.

  1. Gain perspective on whatever it is you are thinking about. Could be a nagging business problem?

If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
― Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Garden

  1. It takes you outdoors – (out of your office for a much needed break). exposure to fresh air, not to mention the views.
  2. Many trails have interruption panels so it is an opportunity to learn about local history and geology – broaden your horizons.
  3. It can take you out of your comfort zone – some walks can be a test of your physical endurance.
  4. You can make it a cardio and strength-building exercise, no need to stay inside in a gym after a long day in the office.

My blog would not be complete without sharing with you some of my personal favourite walks in the region. They are for different reasons and while I won’t share that with you, I will say if you ever get the chance to walk these trails over the summer don’t miss the opportunity.

walkers trail

Tickle Cove Pond – Walker’s Trail

I’ve listed these in no particular order.  Some may be a little off the beaten tourist path starting on the Bonavista Peninsula with Brook Cove and the Lighthouse Trail at Kings Cove (Pat Murphy’s Meadows).  There is an inside (1.7 km) and an outside (3.5km) loop. Moving along to Tickle Cove (remember the song Tickle Cove Pond?) take Walker’s Trail which drapes around the pond where poor KIT went through the ice. If you don’t know this song, the Google “Tickle Cove Pond”. The Ron Hynes version will always be my favourite.  Before I leave the Peninsula I have to mention the very well known and travelled “Skerwink Trail” in Port Rexton. That one I have done over and over and holds a special place as one of the pictures I took of my son and his best friend Myranda ended up as a half page color photo in centre spread of the Ottawa Citizen.

Sherwink Trail

Nick and Myrnada – Skerwink Trail

As a Business Advisor with NLOWE I have the opportunity to travel throughout my region. When I am in a community I always ask, “Where is the local trail?”. On Fogo Island this past fall I had the opportunity to walk the Brimstone Head Trail, in Lewisporte the Woolfey Pond and Train Park trails and in Grand Falls Windsor the Cordroy Brook Trail.




Staff-Betsy-SaundersBetsy Saunders  │  NLOWE │ Business Advisor GROWTH

Betsy Saunders is NLOWE’s Business Growth Advisor for Eastern and Central.
Betsy is an avid gardener and recently started her first “onion and garlic” garden. She can’t wait to cook up a nice dinner with what she has grown.
If live in the Eastern/Central region and you are interested in contacting Betsy regarding starting your business, please contact her at 1.888.533.9486 or by email: bsaunders@nlowe.org.



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