5 Simple Tweaks to Boost Your Facebook Ad Performance

You have a Facebook Page for your business. You post regularly (when you have time), but you’re frustrated that you’re only reaching a small percentage of your audience. You’ve heard that you need to “pay to play” on Facebook now, and you’ve probably dabbled in Facebook ads, but you’re not confident in the results you’ve seen so far. What gives?

If you’re not seeing the results you hope for from your Facebook ads, you’re not alone. With a few minor tweaks, you’ll start to see some real traction with your ads and get direct, measurable results from your Facebook efforts. Here are five tips to dramatically improve your Facebook ad results:

  1. Don’t Just Boost Your Posts

One of the most common things I see clients doing on Facebook is clicking the Boost Post button. While there is nothing inherently wrong with boosting your posts, there is a better way: use Facebook Ads Manager. It provides greater control over your campaign, from its structure to budgeting and targeting. Plus, it will walk you through each step of choosing the ad type to match your goal. If you’re an advanced Facebook marketer, you can use Power Editor, but for most business owners, Facebook Ads Manager provides all the options you’ll need to create engaging and effective ads.

2.     Get Creative with Your Creative

What do you use your personal Facebook for? Most people enjoy using Facebook for keeping up with family and friends, and for entertainment. More than anything, Facebook users are looking to connect. Keep this in mind when you’re creating your ads. A logo on Facebook isn’t going to entice anyone to click on your ad; they might, however, click on your smiling face! Some experts suggest that a smiling woman is the most engaging image to use in a Facebook ad. Generally, we’ve seen that images of people work best on Facebook for our clients rather than just showcasing products alone. You can also try bright colors or call-to-action buttons on your ad images. Easy-to-use tools like PicMonkey or Canva can help you create your own images. Try these ideas out and comment below to let me know how your results improve.

3.     Know Your Customer to Target Your Customer

Having a clear picture of who your audience is will help you choose relevant targeting and craft messaging that will best appeal to your customer. Use specific geo-targeting for your ads; if you only serve the local market, you should only target a radius around the area you serve. Don’t leave the default as Canada or the whole province if you could never provide your product or service to that audience. Take advantage of the Interests and Behaviors targeting that Facebook provides. If you already have a relevant Facebook audience, you can target your current fans to make sure they’ve seen your post, or friends of your current fans, as they are likely your potential customers as well. Test different targeting to see what works best for your business.

4.     Use a Call-to-Action

Make it clear what you want someone to do when they see your ad. Facebook has a call-to-action button that you can use on your ads to prompt users to “Sign Up”, “Book Now” or “Learn More”, plus a number of other options. Here is an example of a Facebook ad with a call-to-action button that we recently launched:

Marketing Photo

If your ad type doesn’t have a button option, put it in the text (or image) of your ad. Ask and ye shall receive!

5.     Track Conversions

Did you know Facebook can optimize your ad to appear to people who are most likely to complete the action you’re looking for, such as signing up for your newsletter or attending your event? Not only that, but Facebook will track how many direct conversions you get through your ads by using a tracking code. All you have to do is create your conversion pixel (a piece of code provided by Facebook) and add this to the confirmation page of your website. When you choose a campaign goal of Website Conversions, you’ll have the option of tracking conversions through your pixel. When someone signs up or makes a purchase after clicking on your ad, Facebook will keep count, so you know exactly how effective your ads are.

Mastering a new tool takes time, and Facebook ads can be intimidating to start. What if you could speed up your learning with other business owners who were ready to dig in and learn with you? With a bit of experimentation and some of the simple tweaks I mentioned above, you’ll have a more clear idea of what attracts your audience on Facebook.

I’d love to know: what is your biggest challenge on Facebook? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me @ReflectiveMrktg.


Krystal Hobbs, Digital Marketing Specialist | Reflective Marketing
Never one to shy away from a challenge, Krystal Hobbs began her own business after working with a number of small business owners who presented the same problem: “we’re doing great things, but nobody seems to know about them!” With extensive experience in digital marketing and a passion for small business, Krystal created Reflective Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in St. John’s. Reflective Marketing helps clients to illuminate their brand and attract their target market through online channels. Krystal is a board member for Ladies Learning Code in St. John’s, as well as an active member of the TEDxStJohns marketing team.



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