Beautiful Corner Brook, Come Visit!

Growing up in Corner Brook, I often took the community and its surroundings for granted. Now that I am older, I realize see how lucky I was to grow up in such a beautiful place. Summer after summer, my friends and I would hike, swim, and explore Corner Brook and the surrounding areas, many areas that would later be developed into lovely tourist attractions.

Perhaps you are considering visiting to the area this summer? If not, maybe you should! To get you prepared for a possible visit, here are some of my favourite spots and experiences that you may want to consider checking out.




The Captain James Cook Historic Site was one of the first recognized tourist attractions in Corner Brook. Growing up, we simply called it ‘Crow Hill.’ Living on the west side of the city it was in walking distance of my house, so hikes to the areas happened often. Visit the monument and you will be greeted with an impressive view of Corner Brook, the spectacular Blomidon Mountains, caves and the Bay of Islands explored by Cook.




Corner Brook Stream Trail, August 1, 2011 238es


Margret Bowater Park is another must-visit site. Since I was a kid, and still today, it is one of my favourite places in the city. The park has a natural swimming area, as well as a great playground for kids of all ages. It is also connects to the Corner Brook Stream Trail system.






The railway system has not been in operation in Newfoundland since 1988, however I remember my last trail ride before it disappeared forever. Due to the economic changes in the province during the 1980’s, it was announced that transportation by trails would cease. Many families, including my own took the opportunity to experience the trails in Newfoundland one last time. The Railway Society of Newfoundland has a Railway museum in Corner Brook that has Locomotive #593, the “Newfie Bullet” beautifully preserved to showcase. I had the opportunity to have my wedding pictures taken on the interior and exterior of this train.



Joanne copyMarble Mountain is definitely one of the most popular destinations on the West Coast. Being from Corner Brook, I did not gravitate to the skiing world. But, skiing is not the only activity that can be experienced at Marble. Humber Valley has beautiful hot summers. Growing up we often hiked up the mountain to swim at the falls, and today, you can ‘zip’ over them by way of Marble Zipline Tours. As someone who is afraid of heights (and didn’t think they would be able to take the first jump), I can say that this is a definitely a thrilling adrenaline rush not to be missed.


These are just a few of my favourite places in Corner Brook; the area offers so much more!

For example, let’s not forget the Man in the Mountain, one of the most popular sites. Legend says that ‘The Old Man in the Mountain’ is a marker for treasure that the Spanish buried on Shellbird Island on the Humber River. If treasure hunting is not for you, consider hiking the Man in the Mountain trail to get an incredible view from the top. You can also check out the Heritage Tree; 60 incredible scenes carved into a 360 year old cedar at the base of Marble Mountain in Steady Brook. And of course, don’t forget to check out downtown, with many shops to visit on West Street and Broadway.

We hope to see you soon!



Joanne Gillis is NLOWE’s Business Start-up Advisor for Western. Joanne loves to travel.  She has traveled to 14 countries and hopes to visit many more!
If live in the Western region and you are interested in contacting Joanne regarding starting your business, please contact her at 1.877.632.5122 or 709.632.5122, or by email:

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