10 Takeaways from the 2015 #nloweconf

  1. “By not being grounded you’re physically unstable. When it comes to delivering your pitch, you must communicate your confidence physically.” – Liz Radzick
  1. “The key to excellence lies quite simply in choosing to do the work.” – Michelle Cederberg
  1. “By understanding your brand you will be better able to decide which opportunities are best for you.” – Anna Olson
  1. “You have to talk to yourself the same way that you would talk to someone you love.” – Melissa Martin
  1. “What’s right for you may not be right for someone else. Everyone’s balance looks different.” – Paulette Fudge
  1. “Time if your inventory for success. Be fiercely protective of YES.” – Michelle Cederberg
  1. “Opportunity does not wait for convenience.” – Anna Olson
  1. “If you take care of yourself, there’s enough left over to take care of everyone else in your life.” – Melissa Martin
  1. “Celebrity can be taken away, but your decisions and credibility will always be with you.” – Anna Olson
  1. “We need to take our growth priorities and turn them into obligations. Stop saying ‘I’ll get to it when’… prioritize growth” – Michelle Cederberg

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