Greetings from Anna Olson

Spring is just starting to show itself, and I find this time of year inspiring for its newness – it’s a perfect time to consider a fresh start, even more than at New Year’s!  In fact, I look at every day as a fresh start and that can mean different things depending on the day. Perhaps it’s about getting that bit of exercise in, reorganizing your work schedule for the summer, or simply cleaning out the junk drawer or writing thank you notes.

As we use our support systems within the community and within each of us, we are taking steps to set ourselves up for success.  In understanding ourselves within, how we project ourselves to the world becomes an authentic expression and hardly feels like an effort. That sense of self, and of self as a brand can then evolve and grow as you do.

I look forward to sharing my story, visiting with you and getting to know you.  Cheers to inspiration and a BIG cheers to spring!



 Anna Olson
 Entrepreneur & Host of Bake with Anna Olson
 2015 NLOWE Conference Keynots

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