Growing your business through export

Have you ever thought about growing your business through export?

Sometimes we don’t know what opportunities are out there until we take a look. Your business can grow in many different ways. In this province, we often look to the export market because our market is so small. Exporting can help us diversify so that we don’t have all our eggs in one basket. NLOWE can help provide you with that opportunity. We can assist in getting ready to take your business to the next stage, the international stage.


Like every plan in business, exporting takes time to develop and implement, which is why you need to start early thinking about where you want your business to be. How do you see it in five years time? Where do you see yourself in the business? The vision is essential.

There are some prerequisites, but we can work with you on these too. Often we start with the export curious conversation to see where your business is and the potential for growth. Where are the markets, what kind of capacity does your business have, where is it in its development?

Import export businessThis may be followed by an export diagnostic. It’s not painful at all and no great details of information required, but it does help identify how to get your ducks in a row so you can take full advantage of the export market. It involves about an hour of your time and then we prepare a report to help identify what’s needed to move your company forward, which is done in cooperation with a representative of the Department of Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development and your NLOWE Business Growth Advisor. So right away you have three consultants available to your company who have access to many more people and programs that your business can use.

So you’re on the road to moving your business forward, making decisions, increasing profits. Some of the decisions may be about participating in a trade mission. This is a very easy way to get an introduction to international business and identify the opportunities for your business. Getting ready for a trade mission takes effort, but is well worth the investment. The support, market research, contacts, connections, experiences are phenomenal and help you prioritize activities for your business. NLOWE, as well as other government agencies and associations, are there with you along the way. And best of all, there are other business women too. Everyone shares and draws on the opportunities. These events are real door openers.

Throughout the year there are several trade missions offered by NLOWE and by the province, the federal government and industry associations. If they are of interest to your company and achievable, we can help you get there. It’s all about the opportunities and growing your business.

There is no mystique. Take a chance and look beyond our shores. Don’t miss out on an opportunity. Take YOUR business to the next level.

Staff-DeborahYoudenDeborah Youden  is the NLOWE Export Consultant.  If you are looking to grow your business by entering new markets, Deborah can help!  Contact her at


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