2015 is Time to get Organized!

The New Year is here & with it comes endless opportunities to live the life that you truly want!

It’s a great time of year to look at your life & decide if it’s totally fulfilling & functioning well for you.

Many of us get distracted by a variety of things & events that set us off track from what we truly desire. Life becomes messy, our homes become messy, and when this happens our minds also become messy. A cluttered mind is a difficult place to be. I believe that an organized, tidy environment can lead to an organized life that flows effortlessly.

Rather than give you a step by step guide on how to get organized, I’d like to go a little farther back & look at some of the “whys” related to your clutter.  This is a great place to get started on living the life that truly works best for you.

I meet with many clients that talk about their clutter having power over them. They say things like “I can’t get rid of that because it was a gift from a friend & I will feel guilty to give it away”, or “I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I should just keep it”. Oftentimes people hold on to item upon item because they feel guilty when they think of getting rid of it. This becomes an issue when the clutter gets to be overwhelming & as a result causes unwanted stress in your home.

Think of it this way, if you plan on living your life for years to come, what will happen if you keep every single item that anyone ever gives to you? Will your home be organized, livable, and comfortable? Or will it be out of control & cause you stress?

What will happen if you only keep the gifts that serve you? It’s likely that your home will have space for the things you truly enjoy. You may even be able to use your storage room or basement for the things that actually require storage!

It’s a good idea to take time, sit back & look at your life. Is everything working well for you? What is working? What isn’t working? Are you holding on to old gifts because of guilt? Are these items causing any negative reaction in your home or in your mind?

This is a great starting point and can be a very “easy” & liberating way to begin getting organized. I mean, what could be easier then getting rid of the stuff you know you don’t want!?

So have a look at some of the presents you received this holiday, decide which ones you actually want & get rid of everything else. Share it with others, get generous! There are many people out there that would love to have that slow cooker that you’ll never use, or the sweater you were given that is 4 sizes too small.

Take your time. Give yourself credit for every little step you take towards a life without clutter. Be proud of every advance you make in simplifying your life. Simply reading this article & giving yourself time to think about things is a great step in the right direction. Let go of the guilt!

Combating your clutter can be an intimidating and daunting task. The fact that you are willing to look at the “whys” of your clutter is a huge accomplishment.

This is your year! Your year to make the changes that you truly desire to live the best life for you!

Jessica_Whittle (4) copyJessica Whittle owns Makeover Your Mess in St. John’s, NL. We offer reliable & top quality decluttering & environmentally friendly cleaning services in St. John’s & surrounding areas. You can reach us at www.makeoveryourmess.com or visit our Facebook page.



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