Year End!..Time to Shape Up…OUR FINANCES


It is easy to bounce our money around and not pay much attention as long as your debts are paid and there is a cash flow, but where should your priorities lay if the cash flow is barely coming in and the bills are piling up?

Back in the early 2000’s I had decided to sell real estate. As you can imagine, I learned very quickly that it was feast or famine for a single mom of 2 young adults.  It was such a celebration, for all of the 5 glorious minutes, when I only made a lump sum of a few thousand dollars. Reality set in when I reminded myself how long this money had to last… hmmm, a month? Maybe 3…eek!

I was fortunate enough to be secured in a part-time office job that I loved and could depend on a consistent cheque at month end.

I was satisfied and proud when 10 thousand dollars net from a house sale finally appeared in my meagre bank account. It gave me a sense of freedom. Shopping was my first option, but those pesky bills came to the forefront of my thoughts. There was rent, nutritious food for three healthy adult appetites, car payments, gas, insurance, heat, light, phone, office fees and YES, how could I neglect good ol’ CRA?!

Staring at my balance, slowly bites were taken and I was hardly able to have enough to tuck away in my savings account. Did I need to think about these money eating items for next month as well? Money never left my mind.

Thankfully for me, my young adults became educated and self-sufficient and my personal life also had taken a full 360 degree turn.  However, fortunately, my sense of handling money will never take a dip!

Familiar & similar thoughts? I swear there is a niggling in the back of all our minds and pits of our stomachs that silently screams “year end”. For me, Santa/Taxman comes to my mind immediately, two expenses that I had to make a priority and started preparing for in January, crazy as that scenario seems.

budget deficit - recession 3d conceptHave your finances made you feel the same way? What is priority when the money is rolling in?

As the New Year rolls in, look for ways to cut back on your expenses. As your business steps up, bring in contract or part-time help to control those areas you are not as proficient in. Having your financials accurate and up to date allows you to put more time & effort into the day to day business of running yours!


Surplus?   Save, save, save for a rainy day. Any number of factors can throw your business off course; a downturn in the economy, illness or personal issues.  Be prepared with a little extra for a rainy day or a well deserved vacation.

Judy BarnesJudy Barnes owns and operates a mobile/home office from BarnesBookee in St. John’s, NL.  She offers best practices for maintaining records & keeping your financials up to date.  Judy can be reached at



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