Getting Red Carpet Ready!

Red CarpetThe Women are coming! The Women are coming! Let the bells ring out and the banners fly. Roll out the red carpet. Put on your high heels. Put the attaché case away. It’s Awards Night!

On October 30, 2014 approximately 200 ladies of the day will get all gussied up and come together as ladies of the evening at the Sheraton Hotel in St. John’s to celebrate and honor each other’s work. It’s the 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala! The gal’s gala. These are the gals of the Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs; the smart, creative, funny, stylish, adventurous women who each started with an idea and had the courage to think, I will take a chance on me, I will make my own livelihood. And they did.

DSC_0277 (2)

2013 Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winners

I have hosted this Gals’ Gala for the past six years I have been inspired and humbled by their energy and achievements and their contribution to our economy. I aspire to be one of them! Each year as the time approaches for these awards I ponder the depth and breadth of these amazing women and wonder, what did I wear last year at the awards? I must be sure not to wear the same outfit this year! Why didn’t anyone take a picture of me so I know what I wore?

“We Did!”



DSC_0236And then I wonder, will this be the year that I get an award? Isn’t it my turn? I have been at these awards more often than most of the staff at NLOWE. Just sayin’! Like I could get the Visionary Award – I got nice cat-eye glasses…

Awards-2010-2…or the Start-up Award – if it wasn’t for me, the host, the evening would never get started. And that’s just two ideas.

They have two new awards this year, maybe I will get one of those? The Export Award! Well I don’t know, I’m not going anywhere, but if they bought me a plane ticket I would, go anywhere, as long as I am back for the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala! Now, what to wear on October 30th? And, what’s on the menu? I hope they have that chocolate thing again with the whipped cream for dessert! YUM!




Amy HouseAmy House is one of Newfoundland´s most talented and prolific comediennes. She has hosted NLOWE’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for many years and will be back again this year on October 30, 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland.  Get you tickets today! To learn more about Amy House visit her website:


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