Working in a Community of Entrepreneurs: A Photo Tour of Common Ground Coworking

Common Ground Coworking is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to making our community the BEST place to live and work. Common Ground is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs work in St. John’s. A hub for all the big-thinkers, deep-dreamers, and go-getters, Common Ground is the destination for smart, creative people who understand the benefits of working in a community as well as a company.

Come along through this photo tour of Newfoundland’s first and only coworking space. Here are the Top 12 reasons to give Coworking a try:

      1. Sweet Digs
        Can’t afford a gigantic downtown office with a waterfront view, snazzy office furniture, and top of the line tech? Yes you can! Every Common Ground member pays a nominal monthly fee so that everyone can enjoy an incredible place to work on an entrepreneur’s budget. Together we really are richer than the sum of our parts!Photo 1
      2. Hot Desks
        Not only are our desks incredibly attractive, they will hold up your laptop ALL DAY! Hotdesking is a new style of working. No clutter, no pictures of the family – show up, grab any available desk and it’s yours for the day! Come back tomorrow and spice things up with a completely different desk!Photo 2
      3. Meeting Space
        Important meeting with your new board of advisors? No problem. Common Ground has several professional meeting rooms available. Members get preferential hourly pricing and up to 10 hours per month included. Hourly and daily meeting room bookings are also available to non-members looking for a fresh, innovative space where proceeds go directly to supporting the coworking community.Photo 3
      4. A Whole New World of ‘YES’
        Can you throw all your time and money into an outlandish idea? Yes. Can you walk up to strangers and ask for their thoughts and opinions? Yes. Can you work only when the rest of the world is sleeping? Yes. Can you spend all day watching cute cat videos online? Yes (but please wear headphones). Common Ground is accessible to its members 24/7/365.
      5. Pet Therapy
        Meet Pekoe; the “Common Hound”. Pekoe can be found peeking around chairs and greeting members at the top of the stairs as they arrive. She can be a little shy at first but whole-heartedly believes in the power of a good head scratch. Pekoe does a great job reminding members of her ‘work hard play hard’ (nap hard) mantra.Photo 4Photo 5
      6. Coffee Culture
        At Common Ground, we take coffee very seriously. Get the ambient noise and stimulating coffee in addition to a proper desk, printer, and space in the fridge to keep your lunch cool. Coffee shops are for caffeine. Common Ground is for creating (and caffeine).Photo 6
      7. No Business Plan, No Problem
        There’s no application, questionnaire or business plan required to become a Common Ground member. The only criteria we request is a willingness to give back to our community more energy, enthusiasm and support than you take out. Several of our members have discovered their ideas while working from Common Ground and are now participating in accelerator and incubator programs across the country.Photo 7
      8. Inspiring Views – Inside and Out
        Photo 8Photo 9
      9. Seriously Cool Projects
        There’s always something interesting happening at Common Ground. With over 3,500 square feet it’s easy to find a quiet area to plug in and get to work. But when it’s time for a break, take a walk through. You never know when there might be a promotional video shoot or a 3D printer making custom iPhone cases in the very next room!Photo 10
      10. Memberships that Work the Way you Work
        Common Ground has three different membership tiers to give coworkers the freedom to work in a way that works for them. Love working from home but craving some occasional entrepreneur interaction? Already have a 9-5 office, but working on your own idea during evenings and weekends? Looking to get out of that basement office for good? We have a plan for you!
      11. No Man or Woman is an Island
        In their April 25, 2013 issue, Forbes magazine said it best, “Isolation and feeling disconnected is a challenge that many of today’s professionals feel, whether it’s from the cubicle’s cork panel wall, late night coding at home, or a long day of becoming one with your laptop at the local coffee shop”. Common Ground is a community of likeminded professionals working independently together in a supportive, social environment.Photo 11Photo 12
      12. The Best Coworkers in Town
        Common Ground is home to entrepreneurs, freelancers, non-profits, artists, remote workers, small businesses, teams and sole proprietorships. Coworkers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and ideas and we have nearly 50 members spread across all tiers of membership.Photo 13

Common Ground’s community is growing every week. Contact Common Ground today to sign up as a member, book a tour, or try coworking for a day. Visit us at We look forward to seeing you at Common Ground!Photo 14

Thank you to Parsons Creative for many of the photos featured throughout this article.


Jennifer SmithJennifer Smith is the Executive Director of Common Ground Coworking. Since 2008 she has worked alongside many of St. John’s’ most inspired entrepreneurs in marketing, sales and business development roles. In February 2013, she joined the Common Ground Board to help launch Newfoundland’s first and only coworking space. Jennifer was named as a Top 50 Emerging Leader in Atlantic Canada by 21Inc. in 2013 and she has volunteered with TEDxStJohns as the Director of Programming for the past three years. Jennifer graduated from Memorial University in 2010 with her Bachelor of Commerce (Coop) and Bachelor or Arts. She returned to classes this fall to begin her Masters of Science in General Management.  For more information about Common Ground, visit their website: or check them out on Facebook or Twitter.



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