Honouring Your Word as Yourself.

Some people think integrity is a value. Some people think it’s a way of acting that concerns care for yourself and others. Some people believe it’s a willingness to commit. Some believe it is a virtue. Some people believe it is a way of operating in life that holds true to your promises. Some people believe it to be a quality of being honest and having strong moral principals; moral uprightness. Landmark Education, experts in the teaching of Integrity, defines Integrity as, “Honouring your word as yourself”. I like that one.

Let’s define integrity as the ability to make declarations for our lives and then keep them. Let’s say that integrity is a willingness to rise above circumstances and actually achieve our desired goals and objectives. Let’s say that integrity is our highest vantage point that allows us to make decisions above thoughts like, “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough”, and “It’s too hard”. Let’s say integrity is the absence of victimization – i.e. It’s not the money or the time or the people or the place or the thing that gets in the way.

Integrity is your word put into action in life. It is the all encompassing, “I will do this, no matter what”; in which case, we honor our words and our commitments as the highest priority of living. That definition of integrity has power, the power to rise above the limitations of the mind and societies’ man-made limitations. It has the power to be the source of our action without getting distracted by all the reasons why not. It’s a straight line definition of integrity which can take us from point A to point B without a whole lot of diversion. It rises above how you feel in the moment and holds true to your vision in the long term.

Deciding to design our lives with integrity means that the goals we set for ourselves and our lives are the actual fabric of our lives. They are the substance which takes a dream into reality. The actual road we take is called INTEGRITY. Integrity means that we don’t cop out at the first sign of frustration. It means that we don’t leave when it gets uncomfortable. It means that we don’t buckle under “hard” times. It means that we do the exact opposite. Challenges come and we lean into those challenges. When we want to say we can’t, then we must. When we want to give up, we actually get stronger.
Think about the people in your life who make promises and deliver. They are the people you love to be around, the people you love to work with, the people you want to collaborate with. Look at the simplest example, someone who shows up on time. You really appreciate that. You know they have integrity and they care about your experience of them. Now think about the people who have little or no integrity, making promises and breaking them as soon as it’s convenient. Those people lose your trust and have no credibility in your view of them. They become a burden to work with and there’s always a lot of drama and suffering surrounding them.

Who would you rather be… the person living with Integrity or the person living with no integrity? Yes that’s right…it’s obvious.

Everyone says they want to be a person with integrity…but executing on integrity is a whole other matter. It’s the people who ACT with integrity that have all the power in life. They are the ones who get things done, make dreams come true and have an amazing life. People with integrity have a profound relationship with their promises. Every day they put thoughts into words, words into commitments/promises, and promises into ACTION in life! It’s a thoughts, action, results process.
Having fears of our greatness can often impact our highest levels of integrity. Subconsciously we may do things to sabotage our own success. This often happens when we unknowingly keep ourselves safe and small in life because the idea of having it all and doing it all seems overwhelming. Understand this as a human tendency but not a reality. The reality is that people make dreams happen every day, and so do you!

Tina OliveroTina Olivero is a mother of three amazing kids, and the owner of two companies, The OGM (23 years) and Transform with Tina (10 years). She works as a publisher, author and communications specialist as well as a corporate motivator and coach. Her most recent works include publishing The OGM and the book, The Language of Life.  Check out The OGM online at www.theogm.com and on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Check out Transform with Tina at transformwithtina.com and on Facebook.  You can also follow Tina on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.


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