Are We There Yet?

It’s that time of year again parents, time to pack up the family and head east to the fresh air, pristine coast lines, blueberry picking, Soirées, jigs dinner and all that is home! And even if visiting Newfoundland and Labrador for the first time, the word “vacation” doesn’t mean anything until your feet hit the rock, especially when you’re travelling with little ones! Anyone that has flown or even driven to Newfoundland knows that the likelihood of being delayed due to “unforeseen” reasons (weather typically) is all part of the adventure!

As the owner of Go Baby Rentals and a Mother, I would like to think of myself as “in the know” when it comes to travelling this beautiful province with children, especially here on the island. Weather you’re driving or flying, there are always a few tips even the seasoned traveler to the rock should remember;

  • Pack light (except for snacks, bring lots of low mess snacks and milk/formula) – As someone that frequents the airport, it always ceases to amaze me how much families bring! Dress light and have your baby comfortable and dressed for quick diaper changes (sleepers are the best).
  • Check with your airline to see what baby gear is FREE to bring. Some airlines allow you to bring your stroller and a car seat while others may only allow one. To avoid any additional fees and the stress of lugging around bulky equipment, simply rent your equipment from Go Baby Rentals and have everything you need delivered right to you! Especially if you are travelling alone.
  • Wear your baby! Baby carriers are great either on the plane or taking the ferry. Freeing up your hands can be vital.
  • Get yourself a fanny pack! Seriously this is the best trick for travelling with your baby; fashion and function all in one. I was able to fit 2 diapers, wipes and cream, as well as all our identification, tickets, a package of baby food, money and my phone in it. Accessible, light, convenient and always with you!
  • When travelling with toddlers or older kids get them a travel gift, wrap it up and everything! Kids will be so excited, plus there will be a new toy to occupy their time.

One thing is for sure, once that salt-water air hits your lungs everything that you endured getting here will indeed melt away.

Michelle17colorMichelle Edwards is the owner of Go Baby Rentals, St. John’s first full service baby equipment rental company. Michelle is a graduate from Lakehead University and the University of Northern British Columbia with degrees in Natural Resource Management and Conservation and currently is the Environmental Coordinator at Nalcor. Along with being a Entrepreneur and Environmentalist, Michelle has recently taken on her most challenging and rewarding role as a Mother. For more information about Go Baby Rentals, visit their website: or visit them on Facebook or Twitter.


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