Come to Bonavista and visit the most important person –YOU!

We are all entrepreneurial women with so much on our minds, our plates and our hearts. We have to work harder, be better, be stronger and continue to make the way easier for the next generation of women to make it all the way – no more glass ceilings! In order to stay strong we must all take care that we are in tune with ourselves.

I invite you to come to Bonavista; a destination that offers you the opportunity to change, for your soul to become more peaceful, or for you to finally be able to hear yourself think. You will realize that yes, there is something even better than chocolate.

The Cape of BonavistaBonavista is a place that echoes back to a time that no longer exists. It is truly a place where your ears will hurt from the lack of noise. There are no stoplights and you will only be able to hear one car in the distance – a welcome change from the hundreds of cars that I used to hear in Toronto! There is no invasion of music from your neighbor and there are no blaring lights that block the sky at night. Imagine it is only you and the stars looking at each other waiting for the other to blink. Catch a glimpse of a shooting star or a far distant airplane and wonder where are they going?

You can sleep outside on the grass or the deck; sleeping under the stars all-night bundled up in a sleeping bag. It is so still that you can even listen to yourself breathe!

Now I’d like to take you on a tour and show you what is what around here. Show you what you will see and feel around Bonavista that is so important for you!

Visit the farm animals and horses and feed them apples or sugar. There are goats that bleat, wondering what you are doing in their space. You may even see a young horse working her way up on her wobbly legs with her mother right there licking her clean!

Perchance you may come across a horse caught in the bog and witness as a whole community comes to the rescue, with everyone laughing when the animal is finally free.

StormWalking along the road towards the Dungeon and the cliffs stand tall off in the distance, the ocean will be there to keep you company as a few waves lap upon the shore. Then a breeze comes up and you see the sky get darker, but the foreboding weather doesn’t stop you, as you stand in the wind.

Who is the most powerful?  The Wind, the Ocean or the Rocks?When you start to fall asleep at night, the ocean’s moods change from silence to roaring, kissing the rocks with each crash, and you wonder who is more powerful – the wind that pushes the waves or the rock that stands its ground? Your entire body, mind and soul are one with Mother Nature and it is in this that you change. Your soul remembers its origin. Your rhythms begin to re-align once again. Your hearing becomes more acute and suddenly you hear a bird tweeting (not our way) and you spy it on a huge rock waiting for you, everyday – same rock – same tweet and all is well.

Do you want to know the reason all this matters?

The only person on earth who is actually in harmony with all things is Mother Nature. Every species are perfection, as are her artistic sunsets, beautiful sunsets that you will never see the likes of again.  All these beautiful events in nature are unique fingerprints that make-up the day. The sunrises are bright and blissful. One morning I woke up and saw this brilliant light, confused I looked at my watch and it was 5:00 am – wow such bright lights.

Every moment there is magic – sitting watching grass grow, dancing and playing with the wind. When you immerse your hands in the earth to plant a flower all is right with the world at that moment. You are now home with nature – all around you – and do know what is the secret that makes you feel that way?

The perfection of Mother Earth unmatched by anything you feel when away from nature. We love perfection – it brings instant harmony – instant feeling of a time that no longer exists, wherever that may be. An ancient memory that awakens us to all of ourselves – with senses radiating and vibrating. Mother Earth does not know how to put bad colors together, the wilds of nature are in harmony, the beauty of each flower, perfect in its very gift that radiates towards you and awes your senses.

Come and find yourself – better than a kiss, better than chocolate and it is a feeling that lasts forever.


ElizabethJ POLITICAL PHOTOElizabeth J. Zemdegs is an serial Entrepreneur owns 3 successful businesses: Elizabeth J. Cottages “Experience Jaw-dropping Views of the Ocean and watch whales play and icebergs float at your feet;” The Elephant Shop “Exquisite Imported 100% Cashmere, Jewely, Fashion and Gifts”; and The Aleksandrs Gallery of Fine Art -Imported  “Original Oil Paintings, Inuit Carvings and Prints.”  For more information about each of these businesses, visit their websites, linked above.  You can also check each business out on Twitter: @EJ_Cottages@elephant_shop@Aleksandrs_Art and Facebook: Elizabeth J CottagesThe Elephant ShopAleksandrs Gallery.


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