Eat & Live Well

Our future depends on it!  Why is it that we know “we are what we eat” but we continuously eat things that are not good for us?  We are a nation of highly educated people in many fields of life yet we still cannot conquer the concept that if I eat food that is not good for me than my body will not work “good” for me.

Our province has the highest level of health concerns that can be improved by diet alone.  Did you know that you can eat food that will decrease your blood pressure, will improve your cholesterol levels, will improve how your body reacts to insulin, and will help alleviate some of the common aches and pains associated with the common cold, pms, arthritis and lethargy? At Simply For Life (SFL) they help educate their clients on the benefits of eating the power foods or super foods that all of our Nutrition Gurus have identified to help us improve our lifestyle.  A SFL nutritionist will provide you with the information on the food required to help improve your particular ailment, provide the benefits of the food, where to get it, how much to eat and when to eat it. It is really that easy?  All you have to do is prepare and enjoy.

This summer, do something you have never done; put your health first.  Each year in the Health & Wellness industry we are faced with clients, customers, patients and members putting their health on hold for the summer months and then in September we are counselling them back to health.

Let it not be a surprise to you that your health does suffer because of it.  It may catch you off guard but when September comes you may be a little less healthy than you were in May & June.  Don’t let it be a surprise to you with your next doctor’s visit that your blood pressure has not improved or now you have concerns with your insulin levels or your thyroid or cholesterol.  Genetics plays a major role in our long term health as well; but why not be proactive versus reactive this summer and put your health first and more importantly your diet.  Remember that the word “diet” does not mean a reduction of food, it means a healthy plan that consist of all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that your body needs to function at optimal health and weight.  The plain and simple fact is that typically this means an increase of food for most people.

This is the season for outdoor adventure, with exercise and nutrition being at the forefront. This is the time to stay tuned in to your body to achieve optimal performance physically, mentally and emotionally.

The relationship you have had with food during the winter solstice and the craving for extra comfort food can be put on hold.  Now you can be open to new fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and legumes and the new exercise trends. Make a plan to try a new food each week; you can go online to pull up some great recipes or drop by the Simply For Life clinic where we will provide you with support, a few recipes, and share with you some of the health benefits of the food you choose.  Plan for your life, because as we all know “failed to plan; plan to fail”.

Now, the real question is: are you going to get stuck, fall into summer traps of too much to eat at the family BBQ, Friday nights with your friends,  self pity about “what I can’t eat” or bitter about things that you want that are not good for you.  Or, are you going to plan to be a better you.  See your local nutritionist or health food store this summer to make a plan about the best choices for “awesome” family BBQ’s, “fun” Friday nights with your friends and days to remember doing what makes you feel good about yourself.

Will you be “Poised” for your future or “Poisoned” by your past?

Time to shake off old traditions and plan for the best days that are still up ahead, it is time. Have a fun, relaxing summer feeling energized and revived by the food you have on your plate.

Angela-Wilcox-HeadshotAngela Wilcox is a Nutritionist and a Simply for Life franchisee in St. John’s, NL.  She has 30 years of experience in the Health & Wellness Industry, including working as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Nutrition & Wellness Specialist at New World Fitness and a Regional Fitness Manager and later a Sales Manager at Nubody’s.  Angela is now helping clients of Simply for Life manage, prevent or eliminate their health issues through Nutritional Counselling.  For more information about Simply for Life check out their website, or check out the Newfoundland clinic on Facebook and Twitter.


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