Leveraging Your Growth Advisor To Grow Your Business

Are you thinking of expanding your business? As your business grows, you will face a range of challenges that require much consideration, including; hiring new employees, accessing additional financing, developing new marketing strategies, managing realistic expectations and the list goes on. As a NLOWE Growth Advisor, I have worked with many clients, helping them as they move through the many unknowns of the business cycle. As a business owner, knowing how to fill your business “toolbox” is key to keeping your doors open and remaining competitive as you move through that cycle.   A NLOWE Growth Advisor is a great tool to add to the toolbox.  My fellow Growth Advisors and I are here when our clients need assistance leveraging new opportunities to expand their businesses. Many times I am the “sounding board” to which clients bounce ideas, talk about challenges or just need help to develop a clearer vision.

I have been trained in many areas of the business world, from export to manufacturing, craft, retail and professional services.  In fact, I recently took part in several training programs, including business counseling, finance, and facilitation, all designed to keep me up to date on new and relevant information that I use when working with my clients. I have long term, supportive relationships with my clients, where they feel free to contact me with questions they may have about running their business.

I meet with my clients face to face throughout the central and eastern region at a convenient time and place for them or I may work through email, phone, Skype,  whatever works best for that business owner.  I can explore all areas of your business through a formal business diagnostic assessment or we may decide to focus on one area in greater detail through a financial or growth analysis. I can help you revisit and update your business plans or help you identify gaps in your HR strategy. I always keep in mind that every client is different, so the conversations and solutions will vary widely. Remember the services provided through NLOWE Business Advisors are free and we are waiting to hear from you.

It’s never been a better time to be a woman business owner in Newfoundland Labrador, and its never going to be a better time to “leverage” the experience and knowledge of your regional Business Advisor. Do you know the NLOWE Business Advisor in your region? Reach out today; call, email, facebook message, BBM, just do it!

NLOWE has four regional growth advisors trained, ready and excited to help you with your business.  Contact the growth advisor in your region.


Ashton Lane Business Advisor (Growth), Avalon alane@nlowe.org
Paula Flood Business Advisor (Growth), Eastern pflood@nlowe.org
Betsy Saunders Business Advisor (Growth), Eastern/Central bsaunders@nlowe.org
Marvella Wells Business Advisor (Growth), Western/Labrador mwells@nlowe.org


Betsy Saunders is the NLOWE Business Growth Advisor for the Central region as well as parts of the Eastern region. You can contact her at 1-888-533-9486 or by email at bsaunders@nlowe.org.



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  1. Thank you, Betsy, Aston, Paula, and Marvella! You have all offered such incredible support and guidance to women business owners in Newfoundland and Labrador. We are indeed so fortunate to be able to rely on your expertise, passion, and dedication!

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