The Benefits of Winning an NLOWE Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Are you trying to decide whether you will nominate a woman business owner; or submit an application for an NLOWE award?  Absolutely, I encourage you to go for it! NLOWE’s Annual Awards showcases and profiles the enormous talents of women business owners in our province.  It is a fabulous event that builds awareness among local businesses about the benefits of doing business with women business owners.

Last year I was honored to be recognized in the category of Start-Up for an NLOWE Award for my efforts in starting a human resources consulting business, Higher Talent Inc. (HR Solutions). Quite honestly, it was one of the highlights of my professional life.  The benefits of being recognized were numerous. This event is an opportunity to celebrate all the effort and dedication that it takes to build a successful business.  As entrepreneurs, we often get so busy “doing” and working to take our business to the next level that we rarely pause to reflect on how much we have accomplished to get to where we are today.  As Oprah Winfrey says, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

The best part of winning this award for me, personally, was taking a moment to celebrate, not only my success, but the success of all the other women business owners who were recognized that evening.  This is important, as building a business is similar to climbing Mount Everest at times….This event gave me pause to reflect on my success, receive encouragement from other successful women business owners, and find the energy to continue to push myself to grow my business.  NLOWE’s Annual Awards are about profiling some of Newfoundland’s extraordinary women entrepreneurs; and building awareness of their accomplishments and businesses. The exposure you will get at this event, along with the professional video that NLOWE provides for winners as part of this experience, are reasons alone to go for it.

Submit an application!  At the very least, you will get exposure from the women business owners who review and select the winners; and maybe you will find yourself recognized this year as one of the women business owners who are honored at the event.  I sincerely cannot wait to celebrate this year’s winners!

Susan PowerSusan Power is the Principal at Higher Talent Inc., a boutique human resources firm that specializes in strategic HR solutions. Higher Talent Inc. serves as a virtual human resources department for small to medium sized businesses. For more information on how Higher Talent can help resolve your HR issues, request a complimentary HR consultation at  You can also find Higher Talent Inc. on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn.


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