Healthy Living …. How to Do it Yourself

Working in the health and wellness industry, after a few visits from clients that are in bad need of help, we are often faced with the comment: “I can do it myself”. Whether it is a personal training session, a physio appointment, a nutrition consultation or a trip to the chiropractor, most of us feel we can do it on our own.

Why, after 6 or sometimes 12 years of developing bad habits, do you think it can be fixed with two visits versus at least 6-12 months of intense programming and continuous support?

Knowledge is the key to success with most aspects of life. It is vast and ever changing. Yet many clients, after a short immersion in literature or a brief one-on-one session with a professional, feel they have enough knowledge to do it on their own.   Given the ongoing discoveries in the health and wellness sector, it is absolutely imperative to consult with a professional whose training and awareness is also ongoing.  For example, the professional opinions on saturated fats have changed as well as thoughts on acceptable standards of wheat and grains and some foods that we once thought beneficial we are now told to avoid for optimal health.

So, reading a dated book or watching a current health show on TV is not sufficient to take your health and well being in your own hands.  It is best to consult a professional for continuous guidance.

It is the responsibility of the professional to personalize your health program using the current and appropriate knowledge.  This customized guidance will ensure that your individual needs are being met.  This will help you avoid wasting your time, energy and money going down the wrong path.  What is important and necessary for one person does not make it the universal norm for all.

There are other key factors to a successful lifestyle change.  Without the support of others, it is very difficult to find motivation in your journey.  With any new changes in your lifestyle it is essential to have your inner circle of family and friends to support you, but it is equally or more important that you engage in the support and motivation from a professional to continuously be the check and balance keeping you on the right track.  This way will keep you efficiently and effectively moving in the direction of your ultimate goal in a more timely fashion.

Professional support and motivation will keep you from falling into the trap of two steps forward and one step back.  Human nature often finds us in the “I deserve” mode, which brings us to a reward system that it is actually in fact a form of punishment to our ultimate outcome.  For example “I deserve an order of fish and chips because I just worked out for an hour” or “I deserve a ‘cheat day’ because I ate well all week” are devastating to any long term lifestyle change. This form of thinking actually sabotages the strenuous work outs or the great week of discipline you enforced.

So, the next time you hear a friend say they are buying a treadmill for their basement or a vegan cookbook to improve their dietary habits, gently ask them or remind them of the difficulty of “How to do it yourself”.

Angela-Wilcox-HeadshotAngela Wilcox is a Nutritionist and a Simply for Life franchisee in St. John’s, NL.  She has 30 years of experience in the Health & Wellness Industry, including working as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Nutrition & Wellness Specialist at New World Fitness and a Regional Fitness Manager and later a Sales Manager at Nubody’s.  Angela is now helping clients of Simply for Life manage, prevent or eliminate their health issues through Nutritional Counselling.  For more information about Simply for Life check out their website, or check out the Newfoundland clinic on Facebook and Twitter.


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