My First NLOWE Conference Experience

“Prepare yourself for an experience!” This was the first bit of advice I got from my colleagues when conference time started to creep closer and closer. By the end of March and after months of hard work and much planning, NLOWE’s 17th Annual Conference was upon us. I had steadily been growing more and more excited as the weeks passed, and was eagerly anticipating learning from all our speakers and meeting all the fabulous entrepreneurs this province has to offer. I was not to be disappointed!

My conference experience began with seeing just how awesome and organized the NLOWE staffers truly are when it comes to putting off an event. As you can imagine, there is a lot happening behind the scenes that helps make a huge event like this go off without a hitch. Schedules being created (down to the very minute!), bags being stuffed, conference materials being organized, booths being set up, the list goes on and on. At any moment, NLOWE staffers were ready to pounce on anything that needed to be done. I can honestly say the commitment and pride that was taken in producing this stellar event was astounding.

Meg_SoperWith all the behind the scenes action in capable hands, it was then time for our speakers to shine. With topics ranging from Social Media Marketing to Meetings that Rock to Workplace Communication Strategies right down to the Pitch competition, there was something for everyone. There was one over arching theme that spanned throughout all the pre-conference and conference sessions, and that was that each and every speaker’s goal was to provide tools that business owners could use to help make their businesses successful. It didn’t take long for the women entrepreneurs in the room to take full advantage of the advice and tips our speakers had to share.

In my eyes, the women entrepreneurs were the real stars of the day. They came prepared with notebooks, business cards and a “Bring it on” attitude! These women were not about to let a prime business and learning opportunity wiz by. Each session was characterized by pens busily scribbling tips on a pad of paper and by women who were so engaged in the topic at hand that there was no hesitation when it came time to actively participate – can anyone say “Power Pose?” 🙂


Breaks were used to their fullest, every second being filled with networking.

DSC_7212At the end of the day, all these elements came together to make a premier business conference in our province. Without all the planning and attention to detail, without the caliber of speakers and their willingness to share, and without the supportive and energetic women entrepreneurs themselves, the event would fall flat. You all made my first NLOWE conference an experience to remember.

If there were three pieces of advice or tips from the conference I could leave you with they would be:

  1. “Surround yourself only with people who inspire you” – Bonnie Cook, Abby Shot Clothiers.DSC_7251
    • Inspiration breeds innovation and success. If you surround yourself with people who both support and inspire you fully, you can dream big. The sky’s the limit when you’re immersed in a positive environment!
  1. “Toot your own horn” – Jaeny Baik, Jaeny Baik Media Inc.Jaeny_Baik-Toot
    • Don’t be afraid to talk about your successes and about what makes you awesome. These are your achievements! Own them and use them when making business connections to show off how capable you really are.
  1.  “Show up” – Anne Whelan, Seafair Capital Inc.DSC_8437
    • An opportunity ignored is an opportunity missed. Make time to network and think of every chance to network as a business opportunity.

Melissa Field is the Industry Liaison with NLOWE. You can contact her by phone: 709-754-5555 ext. 224, toll-free: 1-888-NLOWE-11, or by email:


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