A Look Inside The NLOWE Advisor

NLOWE launched its first annual publication, The NLOWE Advisor, at our 2013 Annual Conference in Gander last April and it is hard to believe that we are now publishing our second issue.

The NLOWE Advisor is a collection of articles on topics relevant to the NLOWE membership and business community, including spotlights on some of NLOWE’s current members. We have a growing membership of women business owners who each have their own unique experiences and expertise to share. This year, we are shining an even bigger spotlight on them, as we present “The Member Issue”.

NLOWE-Advisor-2014_Page_01Some of the feature articles include:

  • “All in the Family Business”, a look at families who share the passion for entrepreneurship;
  • “Join the Network: Get Your Money’s Worth and More!”, an outline of the benefits of being an NLOWE member and how it can help you grow your business;
  • “Women Who Mean Business”, five profiles of women business owners from across the province;
  • “Members Sharing Expertise”, members share tips on such topics as Branding & Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resources, Communications, Social Media, and more!
  • “Growing Your Business Through Partnerships”, discusses the growth opportunities available through partnering and highlights from some of our members who have partnered;
  • “Health & Wellness for the Busy Entrepreneur”, members share recipes, exercises, and more to help you eat well, get fit, and take care of your overall well-being.

Copies will be distributed at NLOWE’s Annual Conference today and a digital copy is now available on our website:  The NLOWE Advisor 2014


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