Are you a Transformational Entrepreneur?

Just what is a Transformational Entrepreneur?

Many times when I use this phrase I get a little welcoming but perplexed look from my listener. Let’s see if you fall into this category then you’ll know if you should continue reading this blog. Fair?

1. Do you provide a service and/or product that brings about a positive result or change for your client/customer?

2. Does your service and/or product enhance or transform, even in the slightest way, the life of your client/customer?

3. Do you provide a solution to a customer’s needs?

If you answered Yes to at least one of these questions then you are a Transformational Entrepreneur (TE).

Bear with me for a closer look.

My whole life’s work has been bringing change to a person’s perceptions and thoughts to produce positive shift in their life and work. I can’t knit; I’m not into crafts or gift making; my social media skills are limited mainly to personal use; I’m not a personal trainer; I’m not a lawyer; my accounting….…well and the list can go on. These are transformational needs in my life, for all of which I depend on other transformational entrepreneurs. I need them…I need you to supply me a solution.

Your Uniqueness Your Challenge

As a Transformational Entrepreneur you are unique in the fact that your business has been created and grown from your personal gifts, talents, skills or ideas.  Success of your product or service depends to a large degree on your personal belief in the value of the product or service that you offer.

This uniqueness however can bring with it doubt. As a Transformational Entrepreneur I have experienced this doubt and limiting beliefs. When I published my first book back in 2010 I was so scared because I was filled with thoughts of  ‘who would want to read what I wrote? With so many great life coaching books out there no one will want to spend money on my book’; ‘I’m scared people might think my writing doesn’t make sense.’  These limiting beliefs almost prevented me from publishing. Had that happened I would never have known the monetary value of my knowledge.

These limiting beliefs or doubts occur at differing stages of business growth and development. My experience shows that it is strong in the beginning or start up stage but it can have an equally negative force when it re-surfaces at a point of growth, expansion or any transition within your business.

Limiting Beliefs

These doubts and fears experienced by you, the Transformational Entrepreneur, are real and have their roots in your personal beliefs. When you were born, your subconscious mind was like a big white wall and from that moment onward you wrote on your wall. What you wrote on your wall came from many sources; parents, siblings, teachers, friends but it is your writing and it becomes your beliefs. Some of the writings are positive while the rest are negative. We all have both positive and negative writings on our wall. It is from these writings that our beliefs about every aspect of life and work are formed.

Your beliefs around money, abundance, deserving and work are formed by these writings. If they are negative they will limit your ability to grow yourself and your business.

Your personal beliefs actually create your reality. You hold many beliefs, some move you forward to success while others produce fear and hold you back. What you believe about you and your business will direct your actions or lack of and can drastically impact your bottom line. These beliefs that limit you are your Limiting Beliefs. I often wonder how many brilliant entrepreneurial ideas never see the light of day due to a woman’s limiting beliefs about herself and money.

Bottom Line

It would take volumes of writing to address all our individual limiting beliefs. For the Transformational Entrepreneur the most common of the fears and limiting beliefs are around money and sales.

I was once told by my holistic personal trainer that there are just two main emotions in life. Love and Fear. Love moves us to success. Fear holds us back. You need to know that while your limiting beliefs are real to you they are based in fear and that is why they can keep you stuck. Identifying and releasing these fears is essential to the growth of your bottom line.

Sleepless In Newfoundland Labrador

It’s 11:30 pm on a Tuesday night, you’re settling into your comfy bed after one very busy day. Just as sleep begins to gently close you down an ugly thought creeps into your head and slowly it picks up speed until it starts to spin and spin. It questions you. It fills you with doubt. It keeps you awake. It makes you nervous. You begin to sweat. A limiting belief now has control of your thoughts.

Possible revolving thoughts:

1. No one will spend money for my product/service.

2. What if my product/service doesn’t work for them.

3.  With so many other people out there doing what I’m doing who is going to buy from me.

4. I get really anxious with the thought of approaching new people for sales.

5. I’m afraid to make a cold call. I’m afraid the answer will be No.

6. Most people want bargains, they won’t pay what I’m asking.

7. I will never be good at business.

9. I don’t deserve to make big money. No one in my family did.

( From Bigger Vision. No Limits  Workshop, Phyllis Reardon)

Ask yourself, are these late night thoughts Fact or Fiction?

Remember not every thought you have is true.

Take control, release these fears and watch your bottom line grow!

phyllis final 1Phyllis Reardon M.Ed., The Business Woman’s Coach is known to most people as Coach Phyllis. Phyllis is a life coach, author, speaker and transformational entrepreneur. Contact or discover more about Coach Phyllis at, or on her blog, AmazonLinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook.



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2 responses to “Are you a Transformational Entrepreneur?

  1. An excellent post, Coach Phyllis! This makes so much sense!

    Thank you for sharing your insight!

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