How to Tap into Your Girl Power for Long-term Wellness Success

Remember Wonder Woman fighting crime with her bulletproof bracelets and her Golden Lasso of Truth? Remember the Spice Girls and their message about Girl Power? Well, that’s what I am writing about today:how to work with your Girl Power so you can better reach your health and business dreams.

Men and women were created differently and that is a great thing. Our brains are very similar, but there are some significant differences. One important advantage of the female brain is its multitasking superpower. The female brain is hard-wired to multitask and we use that skill to help us save time. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

The reason why women stop and ask for directions when we are lost is because we want to save time.  The reason that we lean toward quick solutions for our health concerns is because we want to save time.  The reason we drop out of longer-term health-focused wellness programs is because we don’t see the instant results we are looking for and again we say, “This is taking up too much time.” Why don’t we exercise? Because we don’t have the time. Why do we eat convenience foods and end up at the take out? Because we think that we don’t have the time to cook. Women are all about saving and managing time.

Business and life stressors sometimes lead to unhealthy lifestyle patterns that, in the long run, lead to more stress! When we are rushed and stressed, we tend to make poor food choices, drink too much coffee, skip meals, munch mindlessly, drink the additional cocktail, eat fast food, and forget to drink water. Does any of that sound familiar? All that adds up to extra pounds, and then we start crash dieting, restricting calories, and forcing ourselves into extreme exercise programs. How can that be good for either our health or the dreams we have to run a successful business?

There are ways to get off the food and stress merry-go-round, and that’s where using our Girl Power comes into play. Sometimes, you have to use a little time to save more time, which is where meal planning and batch cooking come to the rescue.  Imagine driving home from work and all you have to do is take your supper out of the slow cooker or the fridge and voila – it’s ready to eat! Score 1 for your health and 0 for the golden arches.  Taking a couple of hours on the weekend to batch cook your favorite meals can save you from the drive-thru and decrease the stress of the dreaded question: what are we going to have for supper?

Women’s bodies have the amazing power to bring new life into this world.  This requires a different amount of female hormones and it also means we have different nutritional needs.  We have monthly menstrual cycles that adjust our blood sugar levels and, for many of us, food cravings follow.  Unfortunately, many women fall under the spell of the restricted calorie diet industry and the extreme exercising of the fitness industry. When we do this, we are working against our Girl Power instead of working with it.  You need calories to think straight, manage moods, maintain high energy levels, and to be a successful business owner. Aiming for a low calorie intake is just bad Girl Power strategy.

Here is the truth of the matter: food is not the problem – food is the solution. If you eat lots of vegetables and fruits, good proteins, 100% whole grains, and healthy fats at each meal, you will be supporting your fantastic female system. Yes, I said fats! I am talking about the amazing healing fats that come from nuts, seeds, and healthy oils, not the trans fats or over-processed vegetable oils found in margarine, cookies, and cakes. You need good fat sources to maintain your overall health. When you see the words “low-fat”, your Wonder Woman bracelets should go up! I suggest that my health-coaching clients, especially women who are struggling with PMS food cravings, plan to eat a healthy fat source at every meal and snack.  Eating fats helps you feel satisfied, reduces food cravings, and sets the foundation for good mental health.

If I had one wish, it would be that all us Wonder Women would start using our bulletproof bracelets. When we see a commercial for a calorie restricting, short-term fix or an extreme exercise plan, our bracelets would go up and we would be protected from the message. Fight for your health everyday by eating real foods, using your multitasking superpowers to create meal plans, and spending a couple of hours a week batch cooking to save time. Remember your Girl Powers, nurture and feed them. You’re more of a super heroine than you think!

Until next time, here’s to your whole health and happiness!

Laurie Pinhorn - headshotLaurie Pinhorn of Holistic Action is on a mission to help people break free from emotional eating patterns, create personalized food rehabilitation plans, and change their lives. With a background that includes 18 years in social work and a Masters in Holistic Nutrition, she is well equipped to educate and shift perspectives.  Fueled by the truth about the food industry and armed with the right tools and strategies, Laurie is bringing true, long-lasting health and food freedom to those who crave and need change the most – one healthy decision at a time. For more information about Holistic Action visit them online at or on Facebook or find Laurie on LinkedIn.


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One response to “How to Tap into Your Girl Power for Long-term Wellness Success

  1. Paula

    Dusting off my Wonder Women Bracelets! Thanks great blog Laurie.

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