Up Your Game

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re just passing time, punching the clock or going through the motions?  Did you feel like something just wasn’t quite right, lifeless and low energy?

Perhaps you are missing a deep sense of passion, or a spark of energy or a joy and happiness in your work.

That happens.  It happens to us all.  It happens when we’ve plateaued on the learning front and we are not fully in alignment with our vision and our passions.  Work lives are ever changing and therefore so must we.  Change is the tiny force that ushers us along the path of building the future.  It requires that we shift and grow along with it.

So how do you get from powerless to powerful?  How do you shift from a lack of passion to wildly on purpose?  How do you work and live in ways that truly inspire you now?

Here’s the answer….You go where you wouldn’t go before.

Ask yourself, “is this work in alignment with my joy?”  “If I wasn’t doing this what would I be doing?”  Or maybe it’s the right place for your passion but it’s gotten stale because the game you’re playing is not big enough or perhaps not in alignment with the person you have grown into.  Time for an update!

Everyone loves to take a vacation and an adventure. Working also has to be an adventure.  It has to:

motivate you,
it has to give you a space to grow into,
it has to push you beyond your comfort zone,
it has to have you go to places you’ve never gone,
It has to expand your thinking,
it has to support your vision and goals in ways that allow you to make a difference and be a contribution to others.

Is what you’re doing right now an adventure?

Think about it.  The times you’re most exhilarated in life is when you’re doing something beyond your current work life structure, something that brings you to new places.  Things like new partnerships, alliances, traveling, products, new structures of success, having authentic and very deep talks, taking a look at the heart and soul of your work life, getting more education and training, reshaping your body so that it’s healthy for work, pushing the envelope on what’s possible, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, inventing something, designing a whole new process that works better than anything we’ve ever used, creating unprecedented connections with others, being a deep contribution to your clients and perhaps your community, and so on.

If you keep doing the same old job, it won’t be too long before that job controls you rather than you controlling that job.  You are in control.  Here’s the good news, you get to say how it goes.  You get to create new and powerful outcomes EVERY DAY!

Get the picture?

Until you’re out there on the court, playing full out….work life…is lifeless.  But as soon as you’re up for a new game and you’re playing to win, and that game expands you, teaches you, shifts you from good to great, brings in a whole new level of performance, then and only then do things get wildly exciting.

So what’s your game?  What’s the game that would have you on fire?  Where’s the thrill?  Where’s the place that has you so on purpose that time stands still? Where’s the place you call “FUN”?  Where’s the place that makes your heart beat faster and want to jump out of bed in the morning because you can’t wait to get at it?

Find it, and go there….  If’ you’ve found it and you don’t have the WOW factor ….UP YOUR GAME!

Tina-Olivero-HeadshotTina Olivero is a mother of three amazing kids, and the owner of two companies, The OGM (23 years) and Transform with Tina (10 years). She works as a publisher, author and communications specialist as well as a corporate motivator and coach. Her most recent works include publishing The OGM and the book, The Language of Life.  Check out The OGM online at www.theogm.com and on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Check out Transform with Tina at transformwithtina.com and on Facebook.  You can also follow Tina on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.


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