Are We Causing Our Own Weight Problems?

Health comes in all shapes & sizes; I can attest to this through many years of teaching group exercise, personal training and nutrition wellness programs.  I have worked with many clients whose BMI (Body Mass Index) indicated a healthy range, yet they showed signs of overall poor health, such as high blood pressure (BP), high cholesterol, insulin levels off the chart and they couldn’t walk the length of themselves.

The converse is also true.  I have also worked with clients without poor health indicators.  Their BP levels were good, the cholesterol levels were good and their insulin levels were good.  However, their BMI indicated that they were overweight and therefore not healthy.

Hence the dilemma we face in the Health & Wellness Industry today….. When will people start saying I want to be healthy versus I want to lose weight?

There is a field of study that suggests that our overall health lies within our mental capacity to control our state of wellness.   In this case, weight and health are one in the same.  They are inseparable and undividable.

For many years, motivational speakers, inspirational philosophers and life coaches have used the buzz word term “stinking thinking”.   This term reflects a self fulfilling prophecy that we become what we think we are.    Our thoughts, our words and our actions determine our results.

I sit here years later hearing the same feelings and concerns from my clients,  “I am not good enough”, “why can’t I lose weight?”, “I don’t want to look like this”, “I am not happy with how I look”, “ I will feel better when I look better” or “when I can fit in my size 6 jeans I will look great and then I will feel great”.

Upon reflection of the holistic view of mental power, is it as simple as us saying “I am great, I look fabulous, those jeans make me look good and I feel great when I wear them”?   Perhaps if we talk like that then we will eat and live like that, because our mind has determined our results because of our positive actions, words and thoughts.  So…we live as the person we truly want to be :).   Perhaps it is that easy?

I know in a society that is ever evolving into one of a more spiritual understanding of wholeness I can’t help but ask “why do we still put so much emphasis on how we look versus how we feel and why do we not feel good based on how we feel versus how much we weigh”?

2014…no resolution just evolution!

When will the day come when we see ourselves as unique individuals striving for true health through nutrition and lifestyle versus dieting and losing weight?

Our words have explosive power.   Is our obsession to be the perfect size the very thing that is making us overweight?

Can we really evolve and grow into that “perfect size” (differs for everyone) by creating a positive thought process?

When we see ourselves as the perfect healthy individual, at the perfect weight than we act accordingly and we will become JUST THAT!

Angela-Wilcox-HeadshotAngela Wilcox is a Nutritionist and a Simply for Life franchisee in St. John’s, NL.  She has 30 years of experience in the Health & Wellness Industry, including working as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Nutrition & Wellness Specialist at New World Fitness and a Regional Fitness Manager and later a Sales Manager at Nubody’s.  Angela is now helping clients of Simply for Life manage, prevent or eliminate their health issues through Nutritional Counselling.  For more information about Simply for Life check out their website, or check out the Newfoundland clinic on Facebook and Twitter.


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One response to “Are We Causing Our Own Weight Problems?

  1. Hi Angela,
    Great article. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    The link between one’s identity and weight is very well documented in medical research. While health risk factors are at play for obese/overweight individuals and creating a lifestyle that has more energy output than input has it’s place, I think you have hit on a key dimension of the weight-loss industry: The marketing that you need to be slimmer in order to be prettier, in order to be better, in order to be valuable… in order to be “good enough”.

    If our identity is just who we believe ourselves to be, and beliefs are nothing more than thoughts we repeat in our heads so many times we buy into them, it follows that if you change your thinking & beliefs – you change who you are.

    To anyone reading: try thinking of yourself as a liberated, strong, and capable person (because you are!) – and think of the things/events in your life that made you feel that way. Worry about expanding that – rather than whether you “measure up”. It could just be the key to losing weight “from the inside out” so to speak. (Angela is fantastic at approaching things this way – that’s why I work with her!)

    – Dr. Laura Nurse

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