Tis the Season – To Be Yourself!

With the holiday season fast approaching we have many ladies looking for that something special to wear.   Whether you’re attending an office or house party, entertaining at home or maybe its New Year’s Eve, we all want to look our best.   Dresses are always a success, you can go for all out look-at-me sparkle or you may fancy something a little more demure and sophisticated.

Regardless of the time of year, I am often asked, “What’s in style?” My answer to that question may differ from some fashion guru – I’d say anything goes; if you like it and you’re comfortable, and you can carry it off.  Have you seen a top and right away known that it was for you or that it looked just like your best friend or sister.  We all have our own signature style and way that we carry ourselves, whether we realize it or not.

When choosing our clothes we should take into consideration if it’s a color and style that will complement our coloring and shape.  While a certain color or style may be in – it may not be for you. Remember that you should be able to carry the look, not have it overpower you. So for this holiday season you can select one of the festive colors of red, blue, black, silver and gold that is always a hit and remember that colors come in a variety of shades.  So if you like red or blue, find that right shade that complements you.

If you’re like me and love a mix of colors, go for a print or colorblock this is popular this season  or take your little black dress (LBD as we like to call it) or some other solid colored dress and add  glitter by wearing a shrug, scarf or jewelry that says “Festive”.

If skirts are your style then check out this fall’s selection of pencil skirts.  You can dress it up with colored or patterned tights and whatever your style in footwear, boots, flats or heels, as we say everything goes.   Another option that lets you show off your legs and wear your favorite boots are leggings, that seems to be even more popular this year.  Leggings are no longer just black but come in a wide array of colors. The leatherette look is popular this season, paired with a tunic and again boots or flats.  You have comfort & style that can take you anywhere during the holidays.

As we mentioned tunics are popular for work and play again this fall.   So whatever your taste, there are lots of choices when it comes to fashion, just remember to find your fit and the color that flatters you and you feel good in.

Season’s Greetings from the Staff at Comfort & Class, Random Mall, Clarenville.

LorettaPaulLoretta Paul is the owner/operator of Comfort & Class Boutique, a ladies boutique offering quality petite, regular, and plus size casual and smart casual clothes.  To learn more about Comfort & Class Boutique, visit them online at www.comfortandclass.ca or check them out on Facebook.


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