Holiday Party Ready

Tis the season for arm chafing….. caused by copious amounts of sequins on your clothes! I mean that in the happiest of ways possible, kind of like that good burn you get at the gym, it hurts but it means youʼre doing something right! I’m talking Christmas glitz, bling, glam. The one time of year when you donʼt have to wonder ‘are these sparkles too much?’

We all go through it, the stand in your closet huffing and puffing because despite there not being a spare hanger available for another piece of clothing, you have nothing to wear! I’m going to make your holiday party dressing a little easier with a few go to outfits and tricks to have you St.Nick ready in no time!

LBD– little black dress, don’t have just one, have multiple, because trust me, especially around the Christmas season youʼre going to be reaching for this one more than once! Now we donʼt want to be looking morbid at such a joyous occasion so this is where the next step comes in.

Bling– Aw the Christmas bling, you’ve gotta love it. Stack up those bracelets, and invest in a few good statement pieces with some chunkiness and color, they look great paired with something simple (your LBD) and take youʼre whole outfit up a notch.

Velvet– Every holiday season designers create a few velvet pieces, pants, skirts, tanks, dresses, you name it, in November and December it comes in velvet. Though it’s not taboo to wear it year round, owning a store I automatically associate velvet with Christmas! Pieces in black or a rich jewel tones will take you through this Christmas and many more to come.

Sequin– Sequins & Sparkles go hand in hand with the Holidays, especially New Year’s Eve. Have something with that glitz, it will make you feel glamorous and it is just about (with the exception of formal events) the only time of year when they’re not too much so have fun with it!

Party Pants– A funny but appropriate term. When showing the leg isn’t an option, you throw these on! They’re that pair of pants that don’t make you feel too casual but also can’t make you look like you’re heading to the office. Throw on your sparkly top and out the door you go!

The most important thing about dressing for the holidays or any event is that you feel comfortable and beautiful in what youʼre wearing, otherwise, the fidgeting and fixing of the outfit will take away from it. Get your clothes altered as no two people are alike in shape, sometimes you need that little adjustment to take your confidence levels up.

Hope these holiday tips will help you when youʼre looking at your closet wondering what to wear. Fashion is fun, play with it!

Alison HalleranAlison Halleran is the owner of Opal + Onyx Clothing in St.John’s Newfoundland, The Brands You Love To Live In.  Visit them online at and check them out on Facebook


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