Better Breakfast and Better Business

Are you hungry for better business? Are you looking for more energy to make it through those long days? What if I told you that you could improve your relationships with business partners, staff, and customers by improving your own relationship with breakfast?

Have you ever considered how what you eat for breakfast could be impacting your business?

Not all nutrition messages stand the test of time, but they weren’t joking when they said, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” A nutritionally dense breakfast can help provide the energy you need to manage your body as well as your business. A healthy breakfast helps you feel good, experience less hunger, and increase your ability to deal with stress.

BagelBut what is a healthy, balanced breakfast? It’s much more than just a coffee on the run! It’s a meal you eat about 30 minutes after you wake up that contains 3 important nutritional sources: carbohydrates, proteins, and fat.  If you are already eating a regular breakfast, you likely have the carbohydrate source covered, since cereal, breads and muffins are among the most common breakfast foods. Most of us fall short on the healthy fat and protein, but they are important for a healthy, balanced breakfast.  Adding nuts, eggs, and plain Greek yogurts are great ways to fit protein and fat into your breakfast routine.

FruitMany of us think that by skipping breakfast we can also skip the calories. The truth is: if you want to increase your energy and shed some weight, an effective strategy is to eat well in the morning.  Regular breakfast eaters have been shown to eat less throughout the day and tend to have less nighttime food cravings – two more great reasons to get munching in the morning.

Along with the weight management benefits, a balanced breakfast can help improve your mood. You know the famous Newfoundland and Labrador saying, “I have one nerve left and you are getting on it.” When you feel that way and frustration levels are high, there is a good chance that you are hungry and your blood sugar might be taking a little dip.  Eating breakfast is a well-known approach for achieving better blood sugar balance. When you eat a well-balanced breakfast, it helps set your blood sugar level for the day, which leads to better moods and more patience throughout the day. Eating breakfast can help you experience less aggravation and conflict when dealing with stressful, demanding situations.

Do you experience mid-afternoon low energy and food cravings? Do you head for caffeine and a treat to get you through the afternoon? Even the best-made wellness plans are challenged by our 3 p.m. energy dips and food cravings. If there are donuts, chips, or other treats in sight, there is a good chance that you will eat them, and sometimes even the paint on your office wall looks good! Eating a balanced breakfast has been shown to reduce afternoon high-carb food cravings, which means you’ll reach for the apple and not the apple flip.

DonutDo you feel like you don’t have time for a healthy breakfast? The good news is: we’re all busy, so you’re not alone. Some ways to get around the time crunch are: make your breakfast the night before, make a low sugar smoothie that you can drink on your way to work, or take your breakfast to work and have a deskfast!

Boiled EggSo, what are you having for breakfast tomorrow? Dump your double-double and have a low sugar smoothie, eggs and 100% whole grain toast with organic nut butter. Think about your breakfast as an investment: eating a balanced breakfast every morning can lead to a more balanced body, balanced mood, and balanced bottom lines for your business.

Laurie Pinhorn - headshotLaurie Pinhorn of Holistic Action is on a mission to help people break free from emotional eating patterns, create personalized food rehabilitation plans, and change their lives. With a background that includes 18 years in social work and a Masters in Holistic Nutrition, she is well equipped to educate and shift perspectives.  Fueled by the truth about the food industry and armed with the right tools and strategies, Laurie is bringing true, long-lasting health and food freedom to those who crave and need change the most – one healthy decision at a time. For more information about Holistic Action visit them online at or on Facebook or find Laurie on LinkedIn.


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