Branding Yourself as an Industry Expert

In a virtual sea of competition how do you successfully brand yourself as an industry expert? It is really important to develop a daily routine that includes essential tasks that most people overlook if you want to “brand” yourself as the local  industry expert.

First off let’s consider the term “branding” it historically was a term farmers coined for marking their cattle and other farm animals for easy identification.To be easily identified in your field as “the local expert” there are 5 key things you need to do and keep doing, daily, weekly and monthly.

  1. Become involved in community events where you can give back to the community in an area that means something to you. Whether you are an animal rights activist, want to help children or youth or are an environmentalist it is important to align yourself with people who have similar values and who will respect you for what you stand for. Offer to speak at an event for example.
  2. Share your thoughts often! Write about your industry for online magazines, the local paper, write your own blog, tweet, join Linkedin, use Instagram and don’t forget Facebook. Social Media is not a fad or a trend that people are going to forget about. You can reach more people online in one hour than you ever could in person. You should be sharing what you are passionate about there and build your network one contact at a time. You can research on Google how to do it yourself or do a one day course. I did one with Alison Stoodley of Social Media Management and it was the best money I ever spent on self help for Social Media.
  3. Send out a Press Release at least twice a year which explains something about your company that the press and public consider news. This is all about the client and what motivates them. Go online and research how to write a Press Release and do it. So what if it is not uber professional, if it is newsworthy the press will contact you to feature a story on you and/or your company, especially if it’s a slow day and they need a filler.
  4. Never stop learning. Make sure you continue to excel in your field by continuing with your education. That may be as simple as reading a trade journal, testing out new ideas, travelling and visiting your competition in a different geographical area that doesn’t consider you a threat to their company. Having mentors and listening intently to them about how they “see” you and your strengths and weaknesses is key to improving. Focus on your strengths, get help with the weaknesses ( and… Yes! You have lots of them if you are an entrepreneur!)
  5. Be proactive with sharing information with your colleagues and industry. If you keep everything to yourself, how can your industry expand and grow? This is the hardest one because it is a natural human reaction to be afraid to do this. If you can master this one your confidence will show through and you will receive the respect and admiration of your community and industry. The “greater good of man” has to be a part of your psyche, ultimately if you help and give to other people freely  you will benefit from the satisfaction of being a great leader in your field.


Lisa Walsh, began her career in the beauty industry at the age of 18 and has worked in all areas of the industry from consulting to product development.  She is now the owner of Indigena, a company specializing in manufacturing natural and organic skincare products.  To learn more about Lisa and Indigena, visit them online at, or check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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  1. Paula Flood

    Great advice!

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