I’m Completely GONE TO THE DOGS!!!

Angie1I’ve been called a workaholic many times, and I smile and know in my heart…..they just don’t get it! I am the owner of Royal K9 Spa, Resort, & Training Center in Deer Lake.  I love what I do and I am very proud to say that my passion is my work; I get paid to do what I love. I never thought I would be presented with an award for it.

I have won some small awards in my life, but winning the 2010 Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award has been quite humbling. I was honoured to receive this award and the impact it has had on me and my business is evident every day. I am proud to be acknowledged for my hard work and dedication and receiving recognition in the business world and amongst my colleagues has made me realize that yes I did this.

In the everyday crazy life of running our businesses, we all deserve some recognition. We are taught that self-praise isn’t appropriate; we shouldn’t speak about our achievements, as that is bragging. Truly we are the only ones that know our hard road, what we have encountered and overcome. We, ourselves have to be the ones to speak up for what we have done and be proud of it. Don’t be afraid of it, and please remember to toot your own horn!!!

Angie2I have found my passion in life and if I do what brings me happiness, I won’t lose. Since winning the award, I realized that I really wanted to pursue my true passion, dog training. I decided that if I couldn’t do that as an offset of having and running a multi-service doggie spa, then I didn’t want the doggie spa anymore. So I have expanded my building by 110% to include a bigger indoor training facility where I could do what I love. I still run the everyday business, a little less pronounced, but spend my time in the training facility, helping people and their dogs everyday.  I am proud to say that I truly have gone to the dogs, and I am loving it!

Angie Head shot

Angie Parsons owns and operates Royal K9 Spa, Resort, & Training Center in Deer Lake, NL. She is a professional dog trainer, with expertise in behavior. Her doggie spa offers boarding, grooming, daycare and a store front along with her training. They can be reached at www.royalk9.ca or check them out on Facebook.


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  1. Doris Knott

    Way to go Angie. I’ve always appreciated your love and dedication to your dogs. I still use the skills you taught me with my own little babies. Keep the faith my girl. 🙂

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