Get Connected – My Experience with the Business Connections Program

I recently completed the NLOWE Business Connections program aimed at providing women business owners the skills required to successfully sell Business – to – Business. I was attracted to the multi-week program because I realized that to grow my business I would need to enhance my business skill set.

Business Connections provided training and exposure to a number of concepts including social media, perfecting your sales pitch (which is vital), developing a professional company profile, as well as reviewing what’s involved in EOIs and RFPs. I found that Business Connections was essential in providing me with the language of business that enhanced my confidence and ability to engage with clients and potential clients in a more meaningful and professional manner.

The program forum was also valuable, as we had a highly engaged group who all participated and provided great feedback. It was an excellent sounding board for individual business ideas and challenges. Having the opportunity to share ideas was a great way to get out of your own comfort zone and adopt new approaches. My group peers were also very helpful with sharing resources and contacts that saved me valuable time. It was great to recognize that all of us were in the same stages of business growth and shared the same concerns and worries. In fact, our group so enjoyed the experience and got so much out of our time together, that we are going to meet at least once a month to continue this sounding board approach… and to share a few laughs!

Business Connections also made me take a longer term approach to my strategic business plan, particularly around readiness to export. NLOWE provides access to export development expertise and organizations such as the Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development (IBRD) that can provide logistical and financial assistance, insight into various trade missions, and can even help with business networking opportunities.

So in short, get connected! The Business Connections program is a free resource that requires only your time. The payback is fabulous and you walk away with enhanced skills that are directly beneficial to business growth and success. Thanks NLOWE!


Michelle Marley is Principal of Terra Sustainability Consulting. Based in St. John’s, Terra helps organizations develop solutions to environmental, economic and social challenges while enhancing business efficiency, profitability and brand profile.

Check her out on LinkedIn!


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