Enjoy Your Adventure, Leave the Planning to Us

Group ShotTourism is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries, and has a variety of facets.  When most people think about tourism, they envision the things they like to do in their free time.  This can include travel for the purpose of business, education, recreation and leisure.  For some it is relaxing on a hot, sunny beach, while others prefer bombing down a snow-covered hill on skis (adventure tourism).  It can involve tasting a new kind of beer, attending a music festival (cultural tourism), or helping to build a school in another country (voluntouring).  It was once something enjoyed by the select few who could afford it, but is now within the reach of just about anyone!

Behind the scenes, an endless number of businesses work to make these experiences possible.  This includes everything from transportation providers to accommodations, parks, boutiques and restaurants, major corporations to the “Ma and Pa” shops.  Here in Newfoundland, my company, NewfoundQuests is in the business of networking with all of the above to help people enjoy local travel experiences.
When it comes to the different forms of tourism, NewfoundQuests covers it all.  We have cultural based excursions such as city and whale watching tours for convention and cruise ship clients, convenience packages providing transportation services to special events such as the Salmon Festival, and adventure based offerings year-round, including ski and rafting trips for the local adrenaline junkies.  With so much emphasis on the importance of exercise and physical activity, we are happy to promote excursions which are vitality based and fun at the same time.

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Everyone needs time off to unwind and have fun and, in a nutshell, we enjoy getting people out of the office or classroom and experiencing some of the great things life has to offer.  We’ve designed most of our packages to be short weekend or day excursions.  As a result, clients can have fun on the side without interfering with the school or work week, and still reserve vacation days for more lengthy trips.  Sometimes the desire to take a “mini-trip” or weekend adventure may be there, but just planning it can be exhausting in itself, so clients appreciate having things laid out for them whereby they can just book and go.  We handle the logistics of everything from driving and departure times to booking accommodations, tickets and admissions, so clients can just relax and enjoy the fun parts of travel.

Tourism is an extremely fun and exciting industry to be involved in, and working with so many people, from other service providers to individual clients, is always enjoyable.  We’ve worked with a variety of people of different ages and interests and it’s great to know we’re facilitating a convenient way for folks to enjoy something they may not have otherwise done without the assistance of NewfoundQuests.  Newfoundland has so much to offer it’s not hard to see why our tourist numbers are increasing annually, and why so many Newfoundlanders are choosing to be tourists at home.  Whether a tourist at home or from away, we encourage you to pack your bags and go on a Newfoundland adventure!

Stephanie Parsons - NLOWE Profile

Stephanie Parsons is the owner and operator of NewfoundQuests, an adventure tourism company that offers bother pre-packaged and customized excursions.  For more information on Stephanie and NewfoundQuests check out their Facebook page, Twitter feed, or their website.


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