Experience Labrador with Pete Barrett

Kayaking in the Labrador Sea; visiting icebergs in the Ocean with the Great Wonderstrand as a backdrop; creating a piece of art on an island in the Atlantic; all a part of experiences when you vacation with Pete and the Experience Labrador team.

Hi, I‘m Pete Barrett, an artist and owner of an Art and Craft Gallery in Cartwright, Labrador. I am also the Kayak Guide, Boat Tour Operator and Guide, Craft Tour Guide, Marketing Manager, and Jill of all Trades in the family Business, Experience Labrador.


This year, the season for us began before we even had the boats launched or did kayak trials. We had guests arrive to visit the Wonderstrand and see icebergs. It was an amazing 2 days. Guests come from around the globe and stay in our tents or travel trailer and are ready to experience the way of life here.  My first kayaking guests from France shortly after the first boat tour guests left and I was kayaking, boating, hiking and just having fun for another couple of days. The temperature was just around the 8°C mark when we started out, but the sun was shining on the on the ocean giving us a great feeling.

Pete_Blog-Pic2We have paddled with the whales, watched puffins as they flew over the bow of the boat, spotted seals as they steal salmon from the fishing nets. Birds are in the hundreds, from Eider and Black Ducks to Turrs and Kitiwakes. We experience all of this in one day, and just a few kilometres from the town of Cartwright.

Our tours will take us to a breath-taking region of the Labrador coast filled with natural wonders and you will experience an amazing sense of culture and history. You will visit places where the Inuit and Innu ancestors lived for thousands of years and the Vikings walked as they explored the new world.

Until the end of July my days are filled with tours that offer boat, kayak, hike and trout fishing experiences, but when August rolls around I will have guests who want an experiential vacation and are ready to learn a traditional or contemporary craft and get inspired with the BigLand.

What an exciting life of adventure and exploration I get to experience and best of all, share with others.


Pete Barrett is the owner of Experience Labrador and Mealy Mountain Gallery, both are aboriginal businesses with a  mission to provide guests with an experience which will help them learn, respect, care for and enjoy marine and wildlife in Newfoundland and Labrador’s coastal environment without having a negative impact on that environment and its wildlife. ….. They are committed to providing a safe, first-rate experience for their guests while ensuring that they do not harm or disturb the wildlife or the marine environment. Visit their website to read more about their adventures; www.experiencelabrador.com and www.mealymountaingallery.com or on Facebook.


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  1. You never cease to amaze me, Pete! I am in awe of all that you do! Thank you for sharing a snapshot of the experiences you provide!

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