A Day In My Life

My name is Holly Green and I am the general manager at an Adventure Tourism company called Ocean Quest Adventure Resort. Every day, especially throughout the summer, is full of adventure, just like it says in our name! We specialize in tours that are on many people’s bucket list but also have some adventures for the more relaxed traveler. With some certification under your belt, you can join us for a day of diving into history and then joining a humpback whale for playtime in the Atlantic Ocean… this is my job.

P1000038After a wonderful stay in our rustic Bed and Breakfast, adventurers join me in our tour bus to travel through Conception Bay South to our 50 passenger vessel that is equipped with a diver’s lift. We set up all of our scuba equipment then relax on the oversized flying bridge enjoying the wind through our hair as we leave the Foxtrap Marina and enter Conception Bay. On the ride out to the dive site we see whales, icebergs and all kinds of different sea birds and maybe even a seal! We arrive at the dive site. This is a site where 70 men lost their lives over 70 years ago in the Battle of the Atlantic. Here lie 4 Iron ore carriers from World War 2 which were sunk by German U-boat torpedoes. Here we dive into history and see them completely upright and intact. Visit the Marconi radio rooms, swim through the propellers and see where they enjoyed their free time and also where they worked. It gives you a real understanding of how it all happened so suddenly, there are even mugs on the deck and lamps in the alleyways. Their boots and clothing still drape over the beds and dinnerware in the rooms.

What an amazing experience, every time!! Now we get ready for the whales. We go to a small out-port community just outside St. John’s called Petty Harbor. This small fishing community is where we start our next tour. Close Encounters with Humpback Whales.

P1010327We suit up in our whale gear. We wear wet-suits for this adventure, this is the most comfortable way to snorkel, and the whales prefer it too. We zoom out through the mouth of the marina in our 24’ Rigid Hulled Inflatable boat. We spot the whales and join them. It’s like a ballet. We look at each other as they emerge from the dark abyss of the Atlantic Ocean. The whale will roll around and show his moves as he gracefully swims just under the surface putting on a show for me and my fellow snorkelers, absolutely breathtaking.

We are treated to culture and history and even some playtime with the gentle giants, all in one day. Who would’ve thought we had all that here in Newfoundland.

Newfoundland tourism has so many hidden wonders. I encourage you all to get out there, ask around and immerse yourself in everything that our wonderful province has to offer.

Holly with Bullets

Holly Green is the general manage of Ocean Quest Adventure Resort.  For more information about Ocean Quest visit them online on Facebook, twitterYouTubeLinkedin or at their website www.oceanquestadventures.com


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  1. Paula

    What an awesome job! Thanks for sharing.

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