A Human Resources Snapshot

With so many wonderful things about human resources that could possibly go into a blog post, how was I ever going to narrow it down to just one? And which one would it be?

I could share something about recruitment.

Or employee engagement.

Oh, how about the best way to ensure your policies and procedures are relevant and effective?

Any of these could be wonderful reading material.

I picked photography.

Yes, you read that right, photography.

Let me take you back to the introductory “Around & About” blog post. Think back (or scroll down, way down) and remember how you thought ‘ahhh, what a wonderful idea’ as the NLOWE message jumped off the screen to you through photos.

There are so many facets to human resources that you should recognize as an investment and of value to your company or organization. When it comes to help, knowledge, encouragement or even a gentle nudge, having a trusted human resources go-to-person in your circle is a game changer. Take the time to build your foundation pieces, continue to grow and develop to meet your needs. Now let’s take a moment to think about photography as a piece of your growing human resources toolkit.

There are many ways to use photography in your business. Here are some of my thoughts on how photography can be a tool that aids in your human resources management.

Let’s take a snapshot of three ways to consider this:

1) The wall of fame. Imagine walking into the NLOWE offices to see all those beaming smiles looking back at you from a featured wall, surely you’d be confident in knowing there is passion, commitment and ingenuity in the NLOWE team. Wouldn’t you want your clients or customers to have a similar thought about you and yours? Let your team know they are important and they are the face of what you do, get creative with a feature wall. Have fun!

2) A working snapshot. Whether you have a production line or a series of steps to provide a service, photos of what you and your employees do can serve as a valuable tool during your orientation process. Highlighting your employee roles through photos helps the visual learner and can also help capture some of the detail of your processes. Think about it, how could you showcase your company roles and functions in a visual way?

3)  Give it away. Wondering what to do as a way to say thank you to your employees? Why not consider a family photo session as your gift to them? While you are offering your appreciation for what they do, you are also acknowledging that you recognize who they are outside of work. Families come in all shapes, sizes and combinations so no matter what the compilation, it’s a gift that employees will value for a long, long time.

As you imagine how you could use photography as a piece of the human resources management at your workplace, make it a point to check in with both your human resources go-to-person, as well as your favorite photographer to determine the necessary permissions and details. Ask your employees what their ideas are and use this tool as a fun, but effective, way to strengthen your team and show your appreciation.

(Oh, and if you’d like to know more about recruitment, employee engagement, policies and procedures or other human resources tools and practices, don’t hesitate to contact me and we’ll chat!)

HR at work Inc. provides Dana Pittman the opportunity to help move people, organizations and small businesses forward as they work on human resources management. She also spends a little time behind the camera, so don’t hesitate to let her know your ideas about human resources or photography or how the two can meet. You’ll find HR at work Inc. on Facebook or you can connect with Dana on LinkedIn.


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