The Other Side of the Business Plan

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”                                                                 – Wolfgang von Goethe


On a day of Halloween witches, goblins and magic spells, wouldn’t life be great if we could just stir up a magic brew to instantly grow our business?   Not to be.

There is no magic to success.  In fact, Success is actually based on a science, a science comprised of 8 Essential Skills.

Now you’re thinking, more skills to learn; aren’t I busy enough growing my business?

Well, actually you all ready have all of these essential skills but the question is, do you and your employees (albeit a skeleton crew, sorry couldn’t resist) have them to the degree needed for continued success?

The Other Side of the Business Plan

As a business woman you started with a business plan, be that a formal one for a bank or a development corporation or an informal one that directed your business.  No one disputes it the business plan is a necessity.

However, there is another side to the number crunching and that is the Entrepreneur, the Innovator, the Creative Woman, the Busy Woman, the Multi-tasking Woman, it is You!!!

You are your business. It is all about You, for You and by You! You create your Business.

It is therefore necessary that You develop and maintain all of the 8 Essential Skills for Success.

These skills I call, ‘the Other Side of the Business Plan.’

The 8 Essential Skills for Success


Self Belief

Positive Mental Attitude


Work/Life Balance

Mind Set



Each and every one of these skills you already have but to be successful in business they have to be functioning daily at a high level.

As space doesn’t allow for elaboration on each of these skills I would like to share with you one of my activities that can be used to enhance Life/Work Balance. Use this activity to stop and reflect on your business in relation to your life.

This activity however comes with a warning!

I have found from my work with women especially business women that the skill that causes them most angst is that of Work/Life Balance. As soon as this needed skill is mentioned, that scary emotion of Guilt rears its ugly head. We all know that quilt is a wasted energy so please set it aside as you complete the following activity.

I invite you to copy each question and write out your answer. Writing out your answer gets it out of your head and makes it concrete or real offering more opportunity to make changes if needed.

Work/Life Balance Activity

1. What is your business?

2. How many years have you had this business?

4. How many hours a day/week do you work?

5. How much time do you have for Yourself?   Your Family? Other Interests?

6. Have you tried to get more balance in your life? What did you do to achieve this? Could that work again?

7. What do you want in life this week, this month?

8. What are your responsibilities in life and work?

9. Are you kind to yourself? Do you reward yourself when you accomplish a task?

10. Can you delegate?

11. Life is good, could it be better?

12. On this day of Magic, if you had a magic wand, what kind of life would it create for you?

Remember this will give you a snap-shot of you at this time. Change is constant but what is also constant is the need to reflect, revise and restructure your work and life.

The Magic of your Personal Power

You may not have found that magic wand, or have the ability to conjure up a witch’s potion but you have all the Power you need to create the success that you want. Your Personal Power resides deep inside of you. Many times as business women we allow ourselves to forget just how great we are. You need to remind yourself daily of how much you have accomplished in your business.

As a reminder of your power I have created this little……okay I’ll give a little on the magic side of things on this Halloween Day and allow my internal witch to surface calling the following  a Chant.

The Business Woman’s Chant                           

Only I can do what I do in the way I do it.

I am a part of every product I sell.

I am infused into every service I offer.

I have put years, months, weeks, days, minutes and moments into my business.

I am woven into the very fabric of the nature of my business.

I am powerful.

Repeat daily. Watch your Power grow!

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed. is a Success/Life Coach, Author and Speaker and owner of CoachPhyllis.Com Inc.  Phyllis can be reached at

Phyllis offers both individual and group work in the development of the 8 Essential Success Skills through her E-Fit Workshop.


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  1. Paula

    You are powerful Phyllis 🙂 Great Blog Post…wisdom in those words.

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