Women business owners are poised to take over the world!

Cheryl Cran, CSP, International Leadership Expert and Preseident of the Global Speakers Federation.

Women business owners are poised to take over the world! Well, we could if we wanted to. The   truth is that women entrepreneurs are growing at an amazing rate in Canada and globally.  The good news is that women see being an entrepreneur as freedom and that is the main motivation to be self-employed.

Having said all of this there is huge opportunity for women to gain more benefit as a business owner such as increased profits and growth, increased global opportunities and increased ability to attract the next generation of employees.

Research shows that women entrepreneurs take less risk and make less money in their businesses. Why?

The verbal feedback I get from working with a lot of women entrepreneurs is that they are balancing family time with their business and so they are more risk averse. Time would also be a factor in making more money because typically women entrepreneurs think they have to work harder in order to grow the business.

There is great news though- women are adapting to new technologies at a fast rate and it’s the new technologies that are going to help to grow the business with less work.  Women are also adaptable and flexible with younger employees and women owned businesses offer the flexibility and freedom for younger employees that they are seeking. Finally women business owners have the opportunity to expand to global markets with their products and services.

The half-day seminars that I am facilitating through NLOWE will be focused on these three areas of opportunity for women entrepreneurs. We will be focusing on technology, attracting and retaining good people and going global.

The women entrepreneurs who attend will leave with ideas on how to leverage technology to grow their business, strategies to find and keep good people and outlets to expand the business globally.

As a women entrepreneur I am a WeConnect certified business owner and in the past year my business has expanded its global reach beyond the US to other countries such as Trinidad, UK, and more. I have had to look at making my services scalable in order to do more business with multi national organizations. We have expanded how we use technology to market the business and to deliver.

I am passionate about helping women business owners and leaders to grow their skills and therefore grow their businesses.


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  1. Paula

    Loved Cheryl’s presentation! NO wonder she is a success!

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