NLOWE is Around & About

The ladies of NLOWE sure do get around!  Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs isn’t just a name, we are truly province-wide.

ImageAlthough our main office is located in the heart of St. John’s, our reach extends across this great land through our many business advisors located in each region of the province.  From cities to towns, our staff is everywhere!  We have Business Advisors and Business Connections Co-ordinators throughout the province: Katherine in Labrador; Joanne, Marvella, and Lisa in Western; Lindsay and Betsy in Central; and Colette and Paula in Eastern.  As you edge closer to St. John’s, you will still find many helpful and friendly faces, which include: Business Advisors Teri, and Ashton, and Business Connections Co-ordinator Melissa;  Deborah, Export Consultant; Julieanne, Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator;  Judy, Office Manager; Kristy, Assistant Director; and Paula Sheppard, Executive Director.

Each of the NLOWE ladies has her own unique personality, but one thing that we all have in common is that we are happy to go to great lengths to serve our clients; we don’t mind “getting our feet wet”.  We are also not afraid to “break a sweat”, as Paula Flood knows after she decided to jump on her bike and pedal over to a client meeting when her car was in the shop.  Of course, this is nothing new for Paula who has been known to pull out NLOWE brochures or business cards on boat tours, kayak trips, or even while travelling across the province on her Harley.  Paula is not alone in her dedication, Katherine Baikie-Pottle is not afraid to brave frigid temperatures when journeying to her clients.  Living in Labrador, Katherine knows to dress for the elements, but she wasn’t prepared for the freezing winds that she encountered when she hitched a ride to Hopedale on a Twin Otter during a freight run in the middle of winter.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the plane landed at a stopover to unload the freight that the pilots could hear the chattering teeth of their lone passenger and clear the heat vents for a much toastier second leg to her trip.  Katherine is used to using alternative means of transportation to see her clients, skidoos, helicopters, small planes, you name it; however, this is not the case for Lindsay Lindahl.
Lindsay faced her fears of flying in small planes when she joined Katherine on a trip to coastal Labrador.  She not only had her first flight in a small plane, but when she landed she had to take a skidoo right from the tarmac to her hotel.  Needless, to say this was a unique experience for Lindsay, and one she will never forget.   Airports are old hat, however, to frequent-flyer Deborah Youden.  As NLOWE’s Export Consultant, Deborah seeks out opportunities for women-owned businesses in our province to connect with corporations all over the world looking to diversify their supply chain, which takes her to many different locales.  Deborah is a well-organized and efficient traveller, but as every seasoned traveller knows there are some delays you just can’t avoid.
This was the case when Deborah and NLOWE Executive Director Paula Sheppard were returning from a trade mission in Florida and their plane was stuck on the tarmac for hours because President Obama had decided to make a pit-stop at the airport.  We guess even our schedule isn’t as important as the President of the United States’.

From east to west, and beyond, I think it’s clear that NLOWE staff will go anywhere to serve our clients and get there by any means necessary, and our clients have noticed.  We are members of the community, and it is not unusual for us to be asked by clients for business advice as we go about our daily lives.  On the west coast, Marvella has been known to be asked for business advice when she is grocery shopping, picking up some odds and ends at Wal-Mart, or even when she is at a hockey game!  We know that owning your own business means that you don’t keep regular office hours, so our staff is more than willing to be flexible and accommodating to help meet your needs as a woman entrepreneur.

So you’re asking yourself now, “why are the ladies of NLOWE so dedicated?”  Well, we believe that the women of this province are innovative and savvy and have a unique perspective to offer the world of business and with a little help they can have a significant and positive effect on our economy both locally and globally.  NLOWE is here to offer you the support you need as you work to develop and grow your business.  So no matter what stage you are at in your business or where you are in the province, an NLOWE staffer is sure to be “around and about” and ready to help.  That is why the “Around and About” with NLOWE blog will be your go-to resource for women in business in Newfoundland and Labrador, offering useful and relevant business advice from the perspectives of members, staff, and experts throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.



September 5, 2012 · 10:00 am

19 responses to “NLOWE is Around & About

  1. Great overview of the NLOWE staff and the lengths they’ll go for members! Can’t wait for the next post.

  2. CoachPhyl

    Congrats on the creation of the NLOWE Blog! I love the visuals. Great job!

  3. Great Job NLOWE! I look forward to following your regular Blogs here. Photos are great , the word posters so creative. 🙂

  4. Heather Davis

    Cool concept! I’m bookmarking for future posts!

  5. Pauline Pennell

    Wow ladies what an awesome job, so refreshing and you all look great!!!!!! Keep up the good work.

  6. Byron Warren

    What a great introduction for your new blog NLOWE..great presentation and it’s also super to see one of my friends Paula on her beautiful Harley Davidson Road King! I look forward to following this blog….

  7. Germaine

    Love the pictures and content! Awesome team effort!

  8. What a great intro to your new Blog! So creative. Looking forward to reading many more from so may talented women!

  9. Christina Lundrigan

    This is extremely cool!!

  10. Love it… looking forward to seeing future entires… cheers

  11. I LOVE THIS!!!!! So creative! As a beneficiary of all the wonderful talent, dedication, drive, and expertise of the committed staff of NLOWE, I applaud this initiative! Excellent job!

  12. Anne

    What a wonderful Blog…maybe one of the best I have seen thus far.. Love the pictures and the information on everyone…Yes, Paula Flood passed along information to me on a Boat and since then my sales have soared…thanks, Paula..I will be a faithful follower….Congratulations to you ladies on a job well done on this.

    • Paula

      Thanks Anne! We at NLOWE are really proud of our blog! So glad to have met you on the Boat 🙂 Really a pleasure to watch your business grow 🙂

  13. Excellent ! It’s so good to put faces to names at NLOWE!

  14. Melaine aka Wooly Hooker

    Great intro to your blog NLOWE. No mountain too high or road too long. If they are all like Paula (Flood) they will go to great lengths to help… WTG

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